Sunday, December 31, 2017

Kao Sofina AUBE Couture Pon Pon Cheek #434 Rose 花王 ソフィーナ オーブ クチュール ぽんぽんチーク #434 ローズ

Pon Pon Cheek is a blusher in tapping motion.
It is made similar to my Daiso Happiness Puff Blush Cheek Powder too.
This is a bonus from purchasing over HKD600 all the way.
And the only color is Rose.

The Pon Pon Cheek is a tapping type blusher.
It is powdery and has shimmers.
Just put the "Cheek Navigation" on the side of nostril and
the color will pop up.
It's easy to make a natural flush for complexion.
The fine powder is fitting to skin and will cleanly color it.

Color variation.
No.1 #431 Pink is used by Ishihara Satomi in Brush Hitonuri Shadow CM.
No.2 #435 Red is used by Ishihara Satomi in Nameraka Shitsukan Hitonuri Rouge CM.

Ishihara Satomi wears Nameraka Shitsukan Hitonuri Rouge #HC01 Slightly Pink,
Biyou-eki Rouge #NC02 Slightly Pink,
Pon Pon Cheek #434 Rose, Brush Hitonuri Shadow #566 Beige.

The Pon Pon Cheek box.
I think the design itself is weird.
Reminds me of some alien robot.
Cheek Navigation itself is the part like a hand, made of rubber.
It is to give distance from nose, where the color / flush is positioned.
See the below picture:

This alien blusher is weird, but seems fun.
I have experience using Pon Pon Cheek from VECUA Honey before.
But I was at lost of releasing the powder to the puff with this one.
This blusher was the weirdest and had never been experience putting this on,
though I finally found the way to release the powder.

It turned out I must rotate this first to let the powder come out.

So, the white puff will turn out to pink rose like below:

Puff can be removed and changed.
There is a separate puff sold too.
So it will be clean & hygienic.

Color will look like this.
A soft pink rose color that is most suited to fair skin.

And then!
It looks very great on my cheeks.
I really love the color.
And it is buildable too.
It can get very bold, I swear.
But I like sheer flush more than bold one.
Thanks to the shimmer, it gives something lively and glowy.

This Rose color is a muted pink.
Even though it is cool-toned, the brightness of that pink is lovely.
Moreover, the shimmer creates a fresh glowing cheeks!
It stays very long, I don't feel it melt by the end of my working time.
I guess I will try another color, example the #431 Red.
If I look at the coordinate picture below,
it seems  431, 432, and 434 looks similar.
But 431 is slightly red-ish, 432 is warm tone, and 434 is cool-muted pink.

Right click-open in new tab to enlarge

I tried the "how to use picture" in reality.
By doing so, taken measurement around nose & cheek.
With "Cheek Navi", the flush comes out in circle & cute type.

+ A compact & easy to use puffed cheek.
+ Beautiful color gives flush like a flower petal.
+ The shimmer is very small & unrecognizeable from far. It gives a great glowing cheeks.
+ Doesn't emphasize dry skin & pores because the shimmer is tiny.
+ The puff is soft & sturdy. It gives easier application.
+ Blend well to the skin without much effort. I don't feel it is as hard as the Maybelline Flush Creator.
+ Doesn't have scent or anything remains. Nose-friendly.
+ The Cheek Navi helps with applying through the apple of the cheeks. It prevents error place to apply the blush.
+ The color and finish result can't be compared with any of my drugstore powder blush.
+ I got this as a bonus. So I'm very happy to receive the free gift like this.
- The price is expensive. Maybe around Rp300k?

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