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Kao Sofina AUBE Couture Brush Hitonuri Shadow (Gradation Eyes) #561 Brown 花王 ソフィーナ オーブ クチュール ブラシひと塗りシャドウ #561 ブラウン

I was eye-ing Kao Sofina before I went to Hong Kong.
I often saw Ishihara Satomi advertisement for Sofina Primavista & AUBE couture.
AUBE is called as "ob", and I spelled it wrong at the counter as "aube".  😇
So I decided to pick and try a few of them.
AUBE is almost the same as Coffret D'or.
It produced mature ladies range and ladies in >50s.
Most of the products are similar, just color differences.
For >50s range, AUBE will add softer color suitable for them.
I didn't notice I bought too much until I got the Pon Pon Cheek as a bonus. 😅

I bought the latest eyeshadow from AUBE, Brush Hitonuri Shadow.
Together with AUBE Long Keep Rouge PK103 and
After purchasing more than HKD 600,
I got the Pon Pon Cheek 434 as a bonus, together with
ALBLANC Washing Liquid and Cleansing Oil,
a few samples of Sofina beaute lotion ex moist r (very moist),
Sofina Lift Professional Essence, and Sofina White Professional.
Urgh, I can't even remember what the BA said anymore...
I'll use the sample according to my knowledge then.

Look here, the BA gave me too many samples.
Either way, I will have a hard time to buy any of it
since we don't have Sofina brand here.

 I bought the 561 color, to the impression of natural and calm.
I wanted the 562 for cute mature impression though...

In English, it is means "Single Brush Eyeshadow".
That is the description of how to do with this eyeshadow.
By putting the base, then paint the eyelid with "three-colored shadow"
to complete the exquisite gradation.
To create clear eyes with three dimensional feelings.
With the eyelid base formulated delicately to the eyelid,
it will improve the moisture and coloring of the eyeshadow.
The function of this invented eyeshadow is to use it faster than most palettes.

The video of Ishihara Satomi above is actually
to promote Nameraka Shitsukan Hitonuri Rouge.
But she was using the Brush Hitonuri Shadow in 561 here too.
Well, I was in lost to pick either 561 Brown or 562 Pink before.
I should've picked 562 instead because I also bought
another eyeshadow from KATE in brown color.
Either way, the 561 is also an important color in many ads.

And this picture is a coordinate color from AUBE couture's website.
Using Brush Hitonuri Shadow #561, Nameraka Shitsukan Hitonuri Rouge #PK11,
Pon Pon Cheek #435, and Biyou-eki Rouge (Beauty Liquid Rouge) #PK201.
Yeah, I often saw Ishihara Satomi using liquid lip color.

How to use:

As the picture suggested,
first, putting the base color.
Then using the brush, the white part for the lightest color,
swipe (don't smudge) on eyelid according to the picture above.
The last thing is to put the powder liner color with small chip.

It's all in pink!
I should have bought pink color too...
I forgot to buy Ishihara Satomi's favorite color eyeshadow.
Uhm, I guess she is most suited in pink color.
I don't know if she likes pink though.

Well, every Sofina's box has this way of opening.
It is a mess now...

Pink crystalized ornaments, love them!

Has mirror inside and two brushes.

No.1 color is a cream base, similar to KATE's Dark Night Glow.
I think cream-based eyeshadow is popular in Japan now.
Meanwhile, no.2 is a golden beige color.
No. 3 is beige, and no.4 is red brown.
The liner color no.5 is a black brown that is suitable as an eyeliner too.

Look, the base is very beautiful.
It creates glow on my eyelid.
The brown beige color eyeshadow is very natural and easy to use.
First, the cream base is spreading easily to my eyelid.
It helps to give moisture to the eyelid without being too much glitter.
The shimmery powders of no.2-4 are a good gradation color.
Surprisingly, the black&white brush really helps creating soft gradation.
It doesn't smudge at all, and the brush doesn't hurt my lid.
I don't like the eyeliner color, so I'll pass using it too much.

The eyeshadow stays for whole day at work.
Does have minimum fallout, but not that much.
The gradation stays great too for my office day.
I'm glad I bought this eyeshadow.
This kind of brush really helps me to use a faster eyeshadow
on a hectic day.
I once had doubt at the brush.
Will it work good? Will it pick the powder?
And I believe it does all!

I really want to recommend this eyeshadow palette for newbie.
But since it is hard to find in most countries, dunno...

This eyeshadow palette is fun.
Sofina invented something useful for everyday life and easy for workdays.
Doesn't take long to create a gradation shadow.
Anyway, the color is maybe similar to my Coffret D'or Full Smile Eyes.
But I might use this more often since it is very easy.

I wanted to buy Coffret D'or in Hong Kong,
especially the new Smile Up Cheeks N and Nudy Cover Moisture Liquid UV.
But I couldn't find any of it.. Sigh...
But don't worry.
I'm in the middle of ordering them online.

+ Easy to use eyeshadow, suitable for newbie.
+ Very quick and doesn't waste any time applying shadow.
+ Minimum fallout (there is small amount of them).
+ Doesn't smudge through the entire day.
+ Brush is soft and doesn't hurt my lid.
+ Create gradation easily without using added brush.
+ Color no.561 is a very natural brown, the gold (2nd color) is a bit similar to Kate.
+ It is still pigmented even if I don't smudge the brush on lid.
+ I'm amazed. Sofina made the 3 color shadows according to our eyelids' shape. No.3 color shows up more as the main color when I opened my eyes.
- Expensive since this is a dept store brand & hard to find in Indonesia.

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