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Kanebo KATE The Base Zero Set 2 : Secret Skin Maker Zero Liquid Foundation #01 with SPF18 / PA++ & Face Powder A #Natural Type ケイト シークレットスキンメイカー ゼロ リキッド 限定セット 2 01

I went to Hong Kong & Macao for a week in November 2017
and found this special set.
It contains the latest liquid foundation and mini loose powder from Kate.
Did you know that I was a bit disappointed at the Powderless Liquid?
Because it created dots after 3-4 hours, and I needed matching base for it.
Though it doesn't have any problem after that,
putting it after a base is a more work for me.
Now, let's see the performance for this new foundation.
Will it work good on my dry skin?

SaSa store in Hong Kong sells this set, almost everywhere.
I wish we have SaSa too, but since BPOM is too strict
and the market is low, we don't have much Japanese item.

In this set, the Face Powder A comes in a small size as a bonus.
The main thing is the liquid foundation.
 I don't know why it is named The Base Zero series.
Maybe Kate wants the base to be as light and natural as without using anything.

Lately, KATE has new model along with Kuroki Meisa.
Her name is Nakajo Ayami.
Don't know why, even though Nakajo is younger than Kuroki Meisa,
she looks older?
Still like Kuroki Meisa for KATE's image.

01. KATE Secret Skin Maker Zero Liquid Foundation #01 with SPF18 / PA++

The Secret Skin Maker liquid foundation have sleek and rectangular tube.
I think it is larger than most Japanese foundation / BB cream.
At first, I was nervous to choose between shade 00 or 01.
But since shade 00 doesn't have bonus powder,
I grabbed the 01 instead.

As usual, Kate created pump type bottle for their foundation.
Don't have problem to pump this thing.
Only need 2 pumps to cover my entire face.

"No more delicate coverage.
No more cakey coverage.
A new foundation story is about to commence with KATE"

KATE's newly developed foundation,
covers all problematic areas in one coat.
It blends right into skin and all heaviness  disappears.

The secret is... a high coverage & smooth formulation.
Ingredients that offer high coverage, while easily sliding onto skin,
minimize the coverage layer as much as possible.
The results is a finish with no heaviness.

And the good point is, shade 01 is the same as my skin!
Well, I don't know about shade 00, maybe it is for porcelain-like skin?
The texture is liquid without shimmer.
Once settled, it is a matte foundation.
But depends on the base, I could create a semi-matte finish
even with Canmake Mermaid Skin Gel UV base.
So I think this foundation is good for every kind of skin type.

See the part didn't covered by foundation?
The tone doesn't match with my hand, but my face skintone is lighter anyway.

At first try, I didn't use any base.
I wanted to confirm if Secret Skin Maker Zero would be a good foundation or not.
And this foundation didn't become cakey at all!
It doesn't create dots around nose & chin like the previous Powderless Liquid.
 And even though the finish is matte when I don't use base makeup,
Secret Skin Maker Zero doesn't let my skin looks dead matte/ dry.
It is greater than Revlon Colorstay 24hrs #Dry obviously.
The difference from them is Revlon does feel heavy on face.
I feel it is not easy to move my face muscle with Revlon foundation.

Before and after picture.
It does even out skintone and covered redness & acne marks.
On the picture above, I only needed twice the pumps.
Doesn't need much liquid to cover imperfections.
I guess Kate invented a good foundation this time.

After putting the foundation on, it doesn't look too white, does it?
The same as my hand skintone.

I really recommend this foundation for any skin type.
It doesn't become oily too fast, and keeps skin matte without looking dead.
It is lighweight, doesn't settle into dry area,
easy to spread, and doesn't change for hours
unlike the previous Powderless.

02. KATE Face Powder A #Natural Type

This is actually a normal loose powder.
The Natural type doesn't have shimmer.
There is a puff inside too.
It is tiny because I got it as a bonus.
But I think the size is similar as Innisfree No Sebum Powder.
This one is in 2gr, Innisfree is in 5gr.
But still weighted almost the same.

Puff is soft but sturdy, similar to Innisfree too.
The powder is fine-milled, thin and soft.
Similar to Kiss Me Heroine Make Mineral BB Loose Powder.

At the picture above,
I was using Secret Skin Maker Zero Foundation first,
at the part with or without powder.
With powder on top of the foundation, it seems softer and matte.
Meanwhile, the part without powder looks semi-matte?

Face Powder A Natural Type feels very similar to Kiss Me Heroine for me.
I don't think I have much word to describe.
Since I don't use face powder a lot for years now.
I still have many loose powders that I haven't use
but feel sad to give it to my sister (dilema?).

I didn't use foundation / BB cream.
Just a base makeup from Sofina to give moisture.
Result : still have redness & acne marks.
Just a normal loose powder.

 Anyway, this loose powder is a typical Japanese loose powder.
Doesn't feel heavy, easily spread & settled to skin,
doesn't have scent or any feelings, and finely-milled powder looks like my skin.
It can cover oil for 3-5 hours depends on skin type.
Feels soft when being touched, but doesn't cover much.
Although staying power is so-so, I like how the powder cover my pore.
It gives a fresh look without too much pores.

Couldn't cover dark circles and uneven skintone..😔

Overall, the Face Powder A is good to create fresh look.
But I'm not impressed because I only use powder
to cover my eyelid after using liquid foundation.
Even though the size is small, i think I won't finish it fast.
I still have my Skinfood Buckwheat Loose Powder after 4 years too ^ ^!
I'm not a fan of loose powder and the only one I love is Kiss Me Heroine BB Mineral.

+ There are 6 shades to choose so it's easier to find the right shade.
+ Doesn't settle to dry area on skin even though the finish is matte.
+ It is not cheap, but not too expensive as dept store price in Japan.
+ The pump type bottle can control minimum liquid to come out.
+ Only need two pumps to cover my entire face. The size is sure big enough for me.
+ The bottle is high, but light and travel-friendly.
+ As I've told, only need two pumps to cover acne marks! A good coverage (medium-high).
+ The finish result can be semi-matte according to primer.
+ Doesn't change for entire work time (aprox. 10 hours on dry skin).
+ Easily spread evenly without using brush / sponge.
- The only thing I'm considering is the availability in my country. I can't buy it easily.

+ Finely milled powder that will cover pores.
+ Gives smooth finish to the skin.
+ Oil control is fine on dry skin.
+ The puff is soft even though a bit stiff.
+ Brighten face a bit.
- Can't cover much, it's a loose powder anyway.
- It is more expensive than Canmake, so considering buy it in a set with foundation.

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