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ADDICTION by Ayako Cheek Polish #09 Sensually & #14 Winter Blush アディクションチークポリッシュ #9 センシュアリー & #14 ウィンター ブラッシュ

I was in love for ADDICTION Powder Blush #34 Winter Blush for years.
I don't know why, after purchasing all Innisfree Petal Blusher,
I want the real thing from ADDICTION, the Cheek Polish.
The one and only ADDICTION's store in Hong Kong
is only at The Landmark Mall in Central.
On the last day of my stay, I went there from Mong Kok
to Central in one hour,
just to buy this nail polish-like blusher!
The two colors I bought are #09 Sensually and #14 Winter Blush.
I guess Winter Blush is my favorite name from ADDICTION's item...

The colors I bought,
they're almost same right?
But #09 Sensually has silver & gold pearls,
not too big like #12 Emotional though.
Meanwhile, #14 Winter Blush is a non pearl blusher.

This is The Landmark in Central, the Christmas decoration is luxurious there.
Do you see Harvey Nichols logo on 2nd floor?
That's the dept store where I bought ADDICTION Cheek Polish.

Hot on the heels of the cheek stick, color for your cheeks
that is uniquely AYAKO- cheek polish!
Apply the liquid lightly with the brush, for a fresh and natural color.
Dyes your cheeks with a slight flush, like a soft, gentle ray of sunshine.
Beautiful gradation like you’ve never experienced before.

■Contains emollient rose hip oil.
■Contains emollient lavender oil.
■Fragrance free.
■Uses a stiff brush to make liquid easy to apply to the skin.

Other than blush, this range also contains highlighter : #08 Reflection
and #13 Moon Dance.

Got this small black bag.
I'm so sad I didn't buy the Christmas set,
even though I know the price is lower than in Japan itself.
I was too tired from walking quickly at the train station with my sister
and my mind didn't come to its sense after hearing the price.
I only needed an hour from our hotel to Landmark and the reverse,
which was very tiring.
Because my sister had another plan one hour after that.
I only realized the price is cheaper than Japan
when I was in the train back.😢

The box is in black too.
The size is 12ml.
Bigger than Innisfree.

Winter Blush is darker than Sensually.
Both have this similar mauve pink hue, though.

Real color

Despite the website suggested to use stiff brush,
I'm using a sponge.
It is easy to achieve sheer flush with sponge and the color is buildable.
Pony on her channel also used #09 Sensually with sponge in this video:


Sensually is a shiny and sexy dusty rose color.
It does have shimmers, smaller than #12 Emotion.
I once in doubt between #09 Sensually and #11 Autumn Afternoon though.
But I didn't recognize the Autumn at the store.

It is more sheer than #14 Winter Blush.
Suitable for everyday use because it is very natural.
Becomes a sheer pink color on my cheeks,
with a bit of glowing effect thanks to the shimmer.


Compared to #09 Sensually, this color has no pearl.
It is a color that will give blood complexion to the coldness in winter.
Similar to the Powder Blush, the Cheek Polish in #14 Winter Blush
is also buildable to be a dark mauve color.

Same as #09 Sensually, this color stays for all day on my dry skin.
Compared to it, #14 Winter Blush is suited to mature look.
It is a pink plum color on cheeks.
Without shimmer and it glows naturally depends by the base makeup.
Don't expect a glowing skin though.

Comparison color:

Between #09 Sensually and #14 Winter Blush,
my favorite color is #14 Winter Blush.
I can create a soft flush with that color.
Even though the color is bold compared to #09 Sensually,
#14 Winter Blush creates a more natural dewy finish.
#09 Sensually has shimmers and I don't prefer shimmer too much,
even though it is hardly noticeable.

Through this picture, I compared #09 Sensually with #14 Winter Blush.
#09 Sensually gives me a natural glowy flush.
#14 Winter Blush gives me a winter flushed cheeks,
like the redness comes because of coldness.
#09 Sensually is easier to built,
while #14 Winter Flush color is already like this since the 1st applying.

Compared to Innisfree, ADDICTION's color choice is more natural and sheer.
In term of its liquid type, Innisfree is more watery.
So when I look at the bigger size and the thickness of pigmentation,

On dry skin, both stays long for me.
About dewy finish result, I can't see any difference
between Innisfree and ADDICTION.
I think Innisfree is a good dupe for Cheek Polish,
that, if I prefer bold blush.
But ADDICTION also have more variation, including bold cherry red color
of #04 Revenge and dark peach color of #11 Autumn Afternoon.

+ Soft & natural color on cheeks. Have more colors than Innisfree.
+ Compared to Innisfree, ADDICTION have more pigment and low water content / thick.
+ I bought in HK by HKD195 x Rp 1.758 = Rp 342.810. If I buy in Japan, the price will be JPY3,024 x Rp 120 = Rp 362.880. HK is cheaper?
+ Bigger bottle size than Innisfree. Surely will last longer.
+ Color is buildable to vivid.
+ There is pearl and non pearl color. If I want glowing look, I'll use #09 instead of #14. Or choose a highlighter color instead.
+ Doesn't emphasize dry skin.
+ ADDICTION doesn't add scent or anything. Innisfree have that sweet scent.
- Expensive!!! The price is twice usual blusher price. But considering it is a high end brand, it's okay. Put it on the same level as Laneige and CLINIQUE.
- Some proxy seller won't take this purchase because it is a liquid type. Only checked baggage can allow such delivery. The easiest way is to fly to Hong Kong / Japan / Korea where ADDICTION have counter.

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