Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Kose Visee Sparkling Nuancer #SP-2 Prism Sparkle ヴィセ / リシェ スパークリングニュアンサー#SP-2 プリズムスパークル

Sparkling Nuancer is a limited edition highlighter for holiday season 2017.
It is a cream highlighter for lip & cheek.
Comes in two shades, GD-1 or gold & SP-2 or silver.

GD-1 = Gold Sparkle
SP-2 = Prism Sparkle

I picked SP-2 since I have gold highlighter from Etvos.
The silver pearl is more suitable for Christmas season anyway.
PS : I also grabbed the SP-2 because of the white packaging.
It is a contrast to Visee Lip & Cheek Cream, in black color.

 What is it?
Gives shine & glossiness to lips & eyes.
Changing the nuance of usual makeup to brighter color.
This is a highlight cream that easily change nuances with just
adding it on usual eye & lip color.
The pearl is tightly adheres, it won't be sticky after coating.
Composed of essence liquid ingredients:
keeping moisture while putting on makeup.
Pure gold formulation:
it will produce a natural three-dimentional effect.
Contains collagen & squalane. 
No fragrance.

Before & after topping with Sparkling Nuancer:

All in white, Visee Sparkling Nuancer in SP-2 seems elegant.

There is a large text of SP-2 Prism Sparkle printed at the above box.

Doesn't include mirror because the packaging is similar to Lip & Cheek Cream.

Swatch on hand

Swatch on lips:

It does give something different to my Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge #03.
I added the Spakling Nuancer on the middle lips by tapping.
Don't spread it so the glitter will keep being visible.
It gives a 3D effect of highlighting glitters.
Somehow, it also made the color blue-ish.

Above : before
Below : after

I don't like using it on eyes.
Because the texture is creamy,
my Sofina Brush Hitonuri Shadow keeps melting on the crease.
Even though there is no sweat, the cream melts the powder faster.
Or maybe I should've top it with powder?
But so far, since I'm using a Japanese brand eyeshadow, which is glittery,
I don't need a highlighter anymore.
I think the before and after picture looks same for eyelid.

I used it on my cheeks & nose bridge too.
It gave highlighting effect even though I was using powder
on top of foundation.
It was supposed to be matte if not using Visee Sparkling Nuancer #SP-2.

All pictures were using Sparkling Nuancer on eyelids, lips, C&T-zone.
On cheeks, it creates an obvious highlighter because glitters are too large.
I think this highlighter is more suitable for lips & cheeks,
rather than for eyelid.
Compared to Etvos, this highlight cream is more watery.
Etvos is more solid & pigmented.

 Although it creates an obvious glitter, in some occasion,
this highlighter still have the same function with other brand.
Anyway, I don't think I'll use this product a lot
because I don't prefer something glittery.
It is suitable for party look or hanging out with friends,
but not for daily work.
It is good for Christmas & new year party.

+ A creamy highlighter that is easy to use & spread with finger.
+ Doesn't emphasize dry area on cheeks & lips.
+ Gives a soft focus highlighting effect & 3D on matte lipstick.
+ Thankfully, even though the glitters are large, it doesn't emphasize pores too.
+ No fragrance.
+ Compact packaging.
- Big glitter is not suitable for daily use.
- Melts the eyeshadow powder easily because it is creamy & watery.

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