Sunday, December 24, 2017

Kose Visee Crystal Duo Lisptick #PK863 & #PK864 ヴィセ / リシェ クリスタルデュオ リップスティック

Crystal Duo Lipstick is a gradation type lipstick from Visee.
Comes in 10 shades, with 1 type of highlight color #SP060.
This is a new product for autumn 2017,
already won 2 awards from VoCE and with magazine.

I really wanted to buy RD462, the above color.
But every SaSa I had went in didn't have it.
In the end, the only two colors I bought is PK863 & PK864.

OR260 : a clear & active impression of orange
PK860 : a clear & natural impression of pure pink
PK861 : a clear & doll-like impression of blue-ish pink
PK862 : a clear & fresh impression of red-ish pink
PK863 : a clear & cute impression of a girly pink
PK864 : a clear & feminine impression of raspberry pink
RD460 : a clear & stylish yellow-ish red
RD461 : a clear & sexy blue-ish red
RD462 : a clear & intellectual plum red
SP060 : a clear & sparkling pearl champagne gold

CM Video, The Making, and How to Use:


CM Making

How to use video with Hamada Aoi, the famous beauty model right now

Mimi TV "Aijima Yume"- I think she looks similar to Yoon Eun Hye, using PK863:

Visee Crystal Duo Lipstick is a lipstick that fulfills a gradation with a sense
of omission and bleeding from the inside with a single layer
of clearXcolor layer with high transparency.

Clear layer : shiny glossy effect
The clear layer gives transparency, glossiness, and lightness of the spreading.
The color layer is naturally blurred by it.

Color layer : complexion
With color layer, you can create a beautiful coloring
with moisture and no residue.
High saturation color variation.
By blurring with the clear type, you can easily achieve a sexy & feminine lips.

SP060 or pearl type can add a little pearl feelings to your lip
or you can blur out the color of your usual lip color to change the nuance.

Visee always uses black, similar to KATE and ADDICTION.
But to make it different, Visee's black is more to antique.
With embroidery or lace design.
This one is no exception.
With white-pink lace, it gives feminine color in the packaging.
PK864 is slightly darker than PK863.

Tube and its cap is sturdy.
I feel assured putting them in my pouch.
No fragrance for this lipstick, which is good for me.

PK863 is on the left.
The crystal clear bullet is true to its name.
I found that unlike Laneige or Maybelline,
this gradation lipstick bullet is hardly melt.
Which is good for me, since it doesn't turn out messy after applications.
 Glides smoothly without pointing out dry lips.

PK863 is a sheer & cute pink.
On the picture of color variations, it is similar to PK861, has blue undertone.
And PK864 is a red-pink color.
The two of them are in blue-ish tone.


As I've explained above, PK863 is a clear & cute pink
to achieve girly looking finish.
It is a pale pink on my lips, but gives a bit of cuteness.

See that?
It doesn't leave any dry / dead skin cells.
Moisturizing, glossy, and not messed up (Laneige is a bit messy).
Whatever finish you choose, either gradation or not,
this color is a not overwhelming & suitable for daily makeup.

This is a color I definitely pick for natural & office look makeup.
Not bold, good texture, and I don't look pale with it.
A MLBB color that gives me no worries.


PK864 is a clear & feminine color in a raspberry red.
Darker than PK863, this one is suitable for mature look.
 The red is slightly purple-ish / plum.
But the red intensity in PK864 is much more than RD462, maybe?
I'm sad I can't find RD462, the most famous color in this range.

But I think PK864 is almost similar to RD462.
A purple-ish hue and dominant color.
Texture is no different with PK863.
To be truth, I wanted to buy all colors.
But since I needed to try first, I only bought two colors.
And now I don't know where to buy anymore.
Visee is everywhere in HK, though....

Comparison of the two colors:

+ Easy gradation lipstick.
+ Doesn't settle into dry part.
+ Giving moisture to my lips.
+ The bullet glides smoothly like a jelly.
+ Even though the bullet is messy, it won't affect the gradation result.
+ Many color variations. Although for pink, they all look similar.
+ The bullet is quite big.
+ Lipstick tube & cap are very sturdy & with lace at the bottom. A unique packaging.
+ I'm glad PK864 turns out bold. It is a proof that this range is pigmented enough.
- Expensive & hard to find here.
- Doesn't stay long. It is a normal lipstick / lipbalm.

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