Thursday, December 21, 2017

Liese Prettia Bubble Hair Color #British Ash

I thought of using Mise en Scene #6N to change
my hair color back to dark.
But it didn't work so I had to try another hair color.
Actually, I didn't want to use another hair color before a month.
But since I need to do an interview faster, I bought a hair color from Liese Prettia.
This is the color I've been eye-ing for months.
Until I found out the seller have ready stock,
I quickly bought this.
One of European series, the British Ash.
I don't know why I'm very tempted to have ash hair color.

British Ash is the middle color

British Ash color is a healthy fall & matte ash.
Level of brightness is 3, which is the middle level.

Before we're talking about the actual color,
and since Liese website always gives tips to change hair color according to season,
I will translate a few important texts from the tips.
The color producer for this season is Imai Shihoko.

The theme is fashionable beautiful lady for party season.
The British Ash combined with fashion item will make you
become a person with nice sense and looks like a model.
Matte color and shine gives a sense of comfortable.
When it hits the light, the yellow-greenish-like color will shine,
so it will improve the refreshing appeal & good impression.
If you add a little glamorous look with a big curly hair wavy hairstyle,
it is definitely going to be a focus of attention
as a dreamy beautiful woman.

To be a chic mature color with sense of appeal, you will need:
1. Fashion : Terra cotta color setup and the ash hair will make a clean
adult atmosphere. Put on trendy gold necklace and appeal a 
sophisticated aesthetic sense to be more eye-catching.
2. Makeup : Enclosure eyeline x emphasize eyes with plenty of mascara.
The lips is orange red topped with brown gloss.
Finish it with a sexy face for an adult cool licking lip.

Back to the real thing.
The box is fancy, with mint blue color as background and European series mark.
British Ash has double decker and clock tower picture as background.
Seems like I bought this in England?

The bubble color is yellow, similar to the phamplet picture reflecting at the bottle.
Usually, I found the bubble color would be red or purple.

Before with Mise en Scene, my hair color was yelow-ish red.
Meanwhile, after coloring with British Ash, it becomes ashy yellow.
I'm glad it becomes darker now!
But it only works for 1-2 weeks.
I feel my hair becomes brown color again now.

I really love the British Ash color.
But sadly, it doesn't stay for long.
I don't see any ash color anymore right now, after 2 weeks.
It becomes similar to earlier color, slightly darker.

This was taken indoor, just 1-2 days difference.
The left picture contains very ashy color.
I like it, surprisingly.
I don't know why it becomes like on the right pict for now.

This one is outdoor, cloudy day.
So it seems dark.

I will keep trying British Ash
So far, this is the best color I've tried.
After this, I won't color my hair anymore for few months.
I want to keep it until my hair grows longer.

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