Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Kao Sofina AUBE Couture Long Keep Rouge #PK103 花王 ソフィーナ オーブ クチュール ロングキープルージュ

Freshly colored,
Moisture sustained rouge
Sofina Aube couture Long Keep Rouge is a glossy finish lipstick.
Fit to lips, doesn't melt.

Sofina AUBE couture Long Keep Rouge is a moisture rouge
where the color and moisture continues even after eating.
A hard to fall rouge.
It is lightly spread, creating a color luster familiar to skin.

The new color fix oil will keep the color steady.

Ishihara Satomi used RD511 in Brush Hitonuri Shadow CM.
I am really charmed by Ishihara Satomi's beauty.
She is the model for Kao (Sofina, Liese, flair fragrance) for more than 5 years.
And below are some pictures of her from "Jimi ni Sugoi" ep9
(the sub is very slow and it's been a year since it is ended):

She changes style numerously in one episode.

I think she wears AUBE's cosmetic, either Primavista or AUBE, a lot.
Her lip color is always in pink or beige.

As expected from high end brand, the Long Keep Rouge has similar
packaging with Coffret D'or Premium Stay Rouge.
I really love their sleek & metallic packaging,
with minimum ornament but still seems luxurious.
I don't have any hate for the tube.
Moreover, the size is thin and compact.
I can easily put it in my pouch.

Metallic silver color tube with pink ring around it.
And AUBE couture name printed is very sleek.
The box wrote "Ochinikui" or "the lipstick won't fall off".

PK103 is a bright glossy pink color.
Leans on a peach pink, it is suitable for any skintone
because it doesn't make my face too pale.
The pigmentation is also good, it can cover dark color of my lips.

The cap closes tightly.
The bullet can melt because it is a glossy type.
But similar to Coffret D'or, it is hardly become a mess on the tube.

I often choose blue-ish pink for Japanese lip product.
Partly because the model always uses similar color.
I'm typically someone who pick things from the model 😂

Glossy finish, fitting to lips.
As for color staying power, it is a bit better than most glossy lipstick.
Also have similar power with Coffret D'or Premium Stay Rouge.
It will fall if I rub with water.

Which color do you prefer?
This one from AUBE or Coffret D'or?

I don't have full lips like Ishihara Satomi.
My lips is small and can't eat big size food well.
But I'm very amazed at how Japanese girls
can transform small lips to bigger size using lipgloss.
I can't use the same method, my lips will look like
someone knocked it.

Compared to my Coffret D'or Premium Stay Rouge PK-293,
AUBE couture is lighter.
I feel the Premium Stay Rouge is a bit sticky.
But to be truth, the bullet has similar consistency.
It is hardly melt, unlike Laneige's Two Tone & Tint Lip Bar.
Even though it is glossy, it doesn't fall easily.
The theme for this lipstick is true.
Long Keep Rouge doesn't have scent.

 I will wear AUBE couture whenever I feel like being prettier.
It is lightweight and still transfer to glass etc.
But it stays longer than most of glossy lipstick.
The color is very natural & lovely.
Doesn't create dry finish and moisturizing.

+ Moisturizing lips & doesn't emphasize dry part.
+ Stays longer than most glossy lipstick.
+ Natural & lovely color.
+ Pretty & sleek tube.
+ Premium design with metallic color, the tube is thin.
+ Glossy finish without being sticky. It is fitting to lips.
+ The bullet size is long.
+ Doesn't have scent / taste.
+ Top of most dark lip color.
- Expensive & hard to get (it is mostly for Japanese brands).
- Still transferring a lot.

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