Saturday, December 2, 2017

Anna Sui Illuminating Beauty Balm #00 with SPF35 / PA+++ アナ スイ イルミネイティング ビューティ バーム

Achieve your dream skin
Porcelain smooth skin in just one swipe
My first Anna Sui product,
a base cream-type with dewy finish.

Anna Sui is an American designer born from Chinese parents.
Surprisingly, her makeup range is very famous too.
The theme is classical combined with modern victorian and vintage,
gives a mysterious vibes at the same time.
 Her makeup product is very famous around Japan and are made in there,
maybe because it reminds them of a Gothic Lolita style.
Meanwhile, this BB balm is considered the brand's cheapest cosmetic.
But many people like it.

Look at those flowers and butterfly on it.

Zoom the ingredients:

And the Illuminating Beauty Balm is something like this (taken from web):
●Achieve porcelain-smooth skin in just one swipe
●Control coverage by adding layers upon layers like a mille-feuille
●Skin care that moisturizes and plumps skin for a dewy look
●Maintains perfect freshness and translucency

[Directions for Use]
After toning the skin with skincare products, take an appropriate amount on the fingertips or palm and evenly smooth over the entire face.

Just want to shoot the #00 number.

The tube's color is metallic yellow.
It's kind of hard to take a shoot at it because it reflects light.

Look, it is said the BB cream creates dewy finish.
This is very suitable to dry and normal skin.
New tube from Illuminating BB cream has an ornamental flower cap.
Weirdly, the shade 00 only comes with SPF35 / PA+++,
while the other color no.01-03 comes with SPF40 / PA+++.
I think people with brighter skintone should use more SPF.😥

See? It's lighter than my hand.
And reflecting light from the oil.

The shade 00 is very white.
Even for me, it is slightly white and bright.
At some point, if I layer it more, it will be sticky.
But if I'm not wearing it too thick, it is semi-matte finish.
So I'm stick with thin layer.

You can see the right picture is after using Illuminating BB.
Slightly lighter than my neck.
I should've use it on my neck too.

I think I will use it like my Paul & Joe Moisturizing Foundation Primer S.
If my skin is good, I will use it alone.
And if it is bad, I will use this Beauty Balm before BB cream / foundation.
This has rose scent and does not stay for long.
I can bear with its scent, compared to Etude's BB cushion.

Close up. Looks oily, huh?
I think this is absolutely not suitable for oily skin.

Left : Thinly applied.
Right : thick.
I like the thinly applied cream because it doesn't look greasy.

+ Dewy finish (applied thinly).
+ Not too expensive. With only 1 squeeze can cover all my face.
+ Brighten face.
+ The rose scent doesn't stay for long.
+ Tube is easy to control the cream out.
+ The cap has unique design.
+ The tube is thin and easy to bring on travel.
+ Good as a primer too. It can hold my Sooryehan Bichaek Jadan cushion.
- Doesn't covering well.
- It is greasy and sticky if applied thickly.
- Rose scent might be too overwhelming for some people (me, one of it).

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