Sunday, December 10, 2017

Mise En Scene Hello Bubble Hair Coloring #6N Choco Brown

If you follow my review throughout this year,
I've colored my hair three times with this.
All with Mise En Scene Hello Bubble Hair Coloring.
After coloring my hair with #10G,
I wanted to color it back darker for work.
Then, I chose #6N Choco Brown.

I don't know if I'm stupid or what.
Depends on the picture, my bright hair is
supposed to not have change using this.
You can see the referrence color at the first picture.

I colored my hair lighter because I wanted to take a trip
for a week to Hong Kong.
After coming back, I thought to gain my previous dark brown hair again.

Lighter hair is supposed to be the same.
And since I used Vanilla Gold before,
which is the lightest color,
Choco Brown won't have any difference.

Look at the picture above.
It was after a week.
And my hair color is still light!
Either I was too quick to wash it off,
or #6N lose to #10G.

Outdoor comparison:


From what I've seen,
the hair is still light!
The only difference is the color.
#10G is more to gold / yellow,
while #6N is red.
I chose a wrong color then.

After this, I have bought another hair color
from Liese Prettia in #British Ash.
If it can change my hair darker,
I think I will pass coloring my hair anymore
until I can find some new color from Mise en Scene.
The other color from Mise en Scene nor Liese Prettia
doesn't pick my interest.

I won't make a summarized thoughts because
the after effects are same with two previous colors.
It's just that, I'm disappointed with Choco Brown
in term of coloring hair darker.

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