Monday, December 11, 2017

Canmake Stay-on Balm Rouge Tint #T02 Happy Tullip キャンメイク ステイオンバームルージュ #T02 ハッピーチューリップ

A Canmake Stay-on Balm Rouge T02 is a tint type lipbalm.
Compared to previous series,
this is more pigmented & stay long as a lip tint.
T02 color is a vivid glossy pink.

Right now, there is a new color in Japan despite the above picture.
It is T04, Chocolate Lily for autumn / winter 2017 lip color, which is brown.

The lipstick packaging for tint type is labeled in white background color.
The flower color is also different based on the bullet.
Meanwhile, the lip balm (old) type background packaging
is different based on bullet color, instead of white.

From the bullet's color, it is a vivid bright pink.
And I don't find the result different than that.

It seems sheer on my hand.
But throughout more swatches, it will be brighter.
Leaving a tinted pink color after that.

Just by 2-3 swatches, my lips becomes this color.
It is very bright and leaves stain.
For color, I think I like the old version better.
Because I don't really like vivid lip color.
It doesn't have scent / taste like the lip balm.
Feels glossy, lighter than lip balm (the lip balm is creamier).

I don't think the tint type suit my taste.
Maybe I'll stick with the lip balm, especially my favorite no.05 color.
But if I want brighter look, the T02 can feel refreshing.
And it glides smoothly on lips, so I like putting it on.

+ Gives long lasting lip color.
+ Glides smoothly on lips like a lip balm.
+ Doesn't emphasize dry lips because texture is glossy.
+ Bright color for refreshing look. All colors are vivid.
+ Moisturize my lips.
+ Doesn't have scent.
+ Cheap, similar to a Korean lip tint price.
+ Bullet is large!
- I don't really prefer bright & vivid color, though.

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