Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Maybelline Master Flush Creator Blush #Next to Nude メイベリンマスターフラッシュ クリエイターブラッシュ ネクストトゥヌード

Back with another blush from Maybelline.
After getting into stick type, I bought the gradation blush from Maybelline.
I think a gradation blush is popular right now in Western.
And slow by time, Korean brand B. by Banila also introduced it recently.
But I was afraid it would be too bold.
So I chose Next to Nude shade in safety.

The one I picked is a soft nudy pink color, mixed with creme beige.
This is not the only shade.

In term of Master Flush Creator, Indonesia brought 3 of them, no.2,3,4.
While Japan only have 2 & 4.
I thought of buying Kiss Bite before.
But picked Next to Nude because I'm afraid it will be a bold color.

With Japanese kanji behind the box.
Put it again because there is too much exposure on my photo.

The Master series are all in black-themed color, I think.
It applies the same to this one.
And the part of metallic color reflects light too much while taking picture.

Achieve a three-dimensional flush!
Master Flush Creator is a gradient blush that boasts fine micro-powders
with high intensity

What it is

Gradient blush for a three-dimensional flush. Fine micro-powders with high intensity deliver the perfect flush in one easy step. 


- Achieve a gradation flushed look with one swipe.
- Comes with two tones that can be used separately or blended.

How to use/apply

Apply with a light hand on the sheeks in an upwards motion.

I like how the gradation is mixed here. Soft and calm.
There are glitters, and a bit big for my liking... 
No scent.

There is mirror, but no brush.
Well, you can buy any kind of small brushes.
I tried letting my Canmake Shading Powder brush inside, but no use.
But my Coffret D'or brush can get in.
So it must be small and thin enough.

I like each color from Next to Nude.
I can't control the usage.
It is very bold, that's what expected from Western brand.
I look like a clown wearing too bold blusher.
So after taking the pictures below, I quickly topped my cheeks with BB cushion.

Put it on cheek & nose too. But it's too bold even though I didn't use force.
Thankfully, the big glitters are not a hindrance.

I thought of putting the pink in the middle as it would turn watercolor.
But dunno...
I should've put it like the suggestion, put a brush in upward motion in one stroke!
I used 2 strokes and it became very bold.
Well, I still have things to study from this blusher.

This is after using in 1 swipe.
A crazy clown face!

And this is after I topped it off with my Sooryehan Bichaek Jadan cushion.
What a waste to hide it.

And this, I used a damp sponge for sheer finish.
I think I'll stick with that way.
To achieve that look, I needed 3 taps on my cheeks.

Overall, I will keep using the stick blush since the powder is hard to control.
And this one..dunno if I will trash it or not.
I should've bought NYX Ombre Blush instead, just added Rp 40k more?
NYX's color seems more daily friendly than Maybelline.

Well, as I've told under the last picture,
I found easier way to achieve natural look.
I used damp sponge then tapping it to my cheeks.
The color won't be too bold.
But I agree, that's not too convenient.
I won't take it on travel.

+ A powder that is easy to pick.
+ Doesn't have scent.
+ The glitters are not noticeable.
+ Can be mixed to create gradation or use it by each color alone.
+ The packaging is not too bulky, and very light.
+ Good for people who like pigmented blush.
+ Cheaper than other brand, ex:NYX?
+ The powder has satin finish, almost creamy, which is easy to picked.
- Too bold and hard to control once picked by brush.
- Just 4 color variations seems similar to each other.
- Doesn't have brush, not travel friendly.
- Whatever it is, I found the powder is similar to my cheaper DAISO Ellefar Princess Duo Color Cheek.
- I don't know why it is named Nude, while the pink dominated it all.

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