Friday, October 30, 2015

NEWS!! Kanebo Lavshuca will be Discontinued & Introduction to Maquillage Snow Beauty

This is sad, really. I just found out from a touch of blusher website that this brand, Lavshuca, won't produce cosmetic anymore. I know. I just have one of its lipstick, which is Dramatic Memory Rouge RS-2. But I like the lipstick so much. It's very soft, sheer but I can build the color, and very elegant. That's too bad, but yeah. Their packaging won't win against Shiseido Majolica Majorca although I never tried MajoMajo. After I bought Dramatic Memory Rouge, I think I never heard Lavshuca on any overseas website or review. I have predicted that. Anyway, Kanebo still have KATE, and that is their best brand in drugstore range. Hope KATE will create more dramatic & edgy cosmetic to be compared with cute packaging in the future. Because I love KATE's quality! Don't forget they also have Coffret D'or. Will buy their winter set (Party Coffret) EX-1 next!

Well, Shiseido still have many famous brand such as MajoMajo, Maquillage, Integrate. I think their brand won the market. Sadly, I never try any brand from Shiseido cosme except their shampoo (Tsubaki & Ma Cherie). *shame I will try their brand soon. Maybe start from MajoMajo since Maquillage is too expensive. Be sure to watch Maquillage Snow Beauty web drama on Shiseido website. It's short, magical, and almost teary. Speaking of Snow Beauty, it is their product name, a face powder. It is made of beautiful round case with elegant bling bling snow on its case. I think it can be used as daytime face powder and at night after skincare. It helps the skincare etc, I don't remember. But I guess people won't put face powder while sleeping, true? Moreover with that pricey powder, I won't put it for touch ups anything so I can keep it safe. Of course the price is also very expensive, around 6,000-9,000 Yen or Rp 800.000 - 1.200.000 just for one product!! Let me think over 1.000 time. Although I'm tempted about its case. I won't buy one product for over 5,000 Yen. Don't forget there is a unique cosmetic name in Japan, which is Kesalan Patharan. Does that remind you of a Japanese demon Kesaran Pasaran? It has furry body.

This is Shiseido Maquillage Snow Beauty

About Snow Beauty:

Shiseido Maquillage Snow Beauty Youtube webdrama:

If you don't understand Japanese, I'll give you brief explanation of the story:

A little girl (Kobayashi Miyu) was looking outside of window when suddenly a snow fairy (Yamada Aina) came. This snow fairy told her an interesting story about "summer snow".

Nikaidou Fumi is a snow fairy working at the pub. I don't know what her name is written here, because it can be read as either Yukina or Setsuna. So I'll keep writing their real names, okay? A man with glasses (Hoshino Gen) approached her, asking her to be his girlfriend or so. Each day, he came but the girl didn't bug. She said she must meet a man she's been searching. But after Hoshino Gen tells her that he's a half snow fairy (means, his mother is a snow fairy and a human father), Nikaido Fumi agrees to get close to him. By getting close day by day, they had good moments. But it was ruined until Nikaido Fumi saw the man she searched on TV. She hurriedly go to where the filming was, and met the man with his wife & child. Too bad for a snow fairy, she couldn't stand summer & beach. Nikaido Fumi fell after that. With her beloved wish, the snow fell on summer so she could get healthy again and go straight home to meet Gen. But he's not there. It made her worried if Gen was using all his strenght to create snow on summer and disappeared. After waiting, he came back, finally. Happy ending.

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