Saturday, October 31, 2015

DAISO Ellefar Princess Duo Color Cheek A #61 Strawberry

This post will remark the end of my SG haul. Well, not everything, I still have my sister's three items to review (Brilliant Lip Gloss shade Baby Pink, BB Face Cream, and Seductive Cheek & Highlight blusher). But since it will take a long time before she opened it, I think this is the end of mine. I picked Ellefar Princess Duo Color Cheek in shade Strawberry. Well, I thought I grabbed peach, but my sister's friend who picked it up because I was searching for another product, put the wrong shade. Oh gosh, I must bear having another pinky shade in my blushers stash!

So this is about DAISO Ellefar Princess Duo Color Cheek A in shade 61 Strawberry. This blusher is a powder glittery type, the same as my other DAISO blushers. Comes in two pink variations, the bold type with less glitters, and the light pink with more glitters. On the case, this blusher looks promising and the bold pink looks vibrant.

Ellefar Princess Duo Color Cheek comes in black case, with two roses pattern. Cute and grandeur! It comes with small cheek brush, but I can't use it. The brush is too dense, it can't smudge the powder to create clean & stick-to-skin-like-normal-flush pink color.

Swatch on hand with both colors.

I used this blusher with this step: put the bold color on the middle cheek, and swipe the lighter color to create gradation around it. Well, I tried to copy Coffret D'or Smile Up Cheeks how to use on its website. And true, I got a cute pinkish flush, but it's not too bold thanks to the lighter pink gradation. But yeah, on the picture below, I used MUJI Lucent Powder Lucent White highlighter on cheekbones so it's more glowy.

The Duo Color Cheek creates my flush to something like this. Very natural indeed. I used MUJI Lucent Powder Lucent White again for highlighter.

Anyway, the powder creates soft & cute pink blush. It stays for quiet a long time, but similar to Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush, it disappeared by hours. I was afraid if I put too much bold pink color, but it turned pretty decent after 30 minutes. I'm glad I put much more, because it will sink to natural color. Anyway, I don't prefer using its brush. The bristles are soft, but can't capture the powder and can't be swiped easily. If you put it too much, it will be hard to remove, creating big pink line according to its own brush's shape. Be sure to use bigger brush to swipe all over cheeks for rounded shape.

Looks like I wanted to cry thanks for lack of sleep. My little doggy was sick and vomiting. I couldn't sleep well and woke up every one hour or so. But she was fine the next morning. Though my eyes felt really hurt I wanted to sleep again!

My thoughts for DAISO Ellefar Princess Duo Color Cheek A Strawberry:
+ Two gradient colors for soft pinkish finish.
+ Very cheap price for a pretty blusher.
+ Packaging is in black and feels expensive.
+ The glitters are pretty decent, it won't create over glittery finish on skin.
+ You can choose either color or mixed these two colors according to mood.
+ Staying power is pretty good if I use bolder.
- The brush can't be used thanks to stiff bristles.
- If using it too sheer, it won't be clear enough to be seen. Use in appropriate amount, because the bold pink is also can be very vivid on fair skin.

The first photo is when I used Ellefar Duo Color Cheek brush. But this one is different. I used Coffret D'or Autumn Set 2014 blush brush, which is similar with KATE Slim Create Powder's brush.

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