Friday, October 16, 2015

Emina My Favorite Things Lip Color Balm #02 Library Queen

I cheated a bit to buy another cosmetic, despite I've said that I might not buy anything (except if I want to repurchase and buy Coffret D'or Autumn Set 2015, but it will have winter part set too. I might buy the party collection EX-1 in rose variation) until next year. Whatever... I bought my second Emina makeup, an Indonesian brand, the My Favorite Things Lip Color Balm. The packaging reminds me of Revlon Colorburst lip crayon. No, not Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm. It looks like Revlon, though, for me. I call it a lipstick because the color is bold & leaving stain, unlike a lipbalm. If I call it a lip stain, it's too glossy. So, better choose what is my mind told me. I have decided I wanted to try Emina's lip crayon, especially this shade of Library Queen.

Oh, so it was produced in China. Why not producing in Indonesia itself?

This Emina Lip Color Balm will add color to suit your mood in only one stroke, moisturizes your lips in a fun way. Available in 6 strong colors; Dancing Queen, Library Queen, Socialite Queen, Picnic Queen, and Summer Queen. This was taken from its website, so yeah, got many failure here and there. They said the shade is available in 6 colors, but wrote it just in 5. What a shame. Also, I don't prefer how they name the product, unlike Korean & Japanese cosmetics which wrote OR for Orange or PK for Pink. It's more useful to know the name of its color. I don't care about Queen this and that if I can't decide which is pink or red. Moreover, the website didn't put its name on the picture.

True to its label, it has strong colors. The only nude color I found from reading reviews is only this one. Though I was afraid before buying that it would be bold too in the end. Outside packaging is made from box.

Seems playful, eh? It was targeted for teens.

Truthfully, I'm disappointed at the bullet. The bullet isn't filling the round crayon tube. It's too small (or must I say, thin), but yeah for that price, I can't expect more. I think it's a decent size for cheap budget customer.

Do you see what I mean? The bullet isn't sturdy enough to stand because it doesn't fill up the empty spot around the tube. The Lip Color Balm bullet has candy-like scent, which is cute. The scent will lingers awhile after applying. And I was amazed after swatching it on my hand. It's very pigmented & bold. See here:

It's pigmented, but I think the shade is quiet right if I want a soft-colored lipstick. I think it's pink to coral. Well, I've tried erasing with water and handsoap, it didn't work. It truly gives stain on my hand.

Swatch on lips. The color is not all pink, but have hint of coral too. If I look in the darker lightning, sometimes, it also has a hint of mauve. After a few hours, the remaining color I got after eating & drinking is a red stain. So no need to re-apply if you don't have time because the color will stay long. Although from pink it will change to red. I think the concept is similar to Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain, reminds me of shade Cherish (from vivid pink to red).

After I rubbed it, the color changed to red stain.

It is glossy, easy to glides on. I don't want my lips to be cracked after I use a lipstick, and this one really does it on the outside, but not on the inside. You'll read it on my next paragraph.

The color would stick to my lip lines, but it's not obvious since it's not a matte finish. This is good. Too bad the shade availables are too strong for my liking. I won't repurchase because it creates chapped lips on me. My lips is very dry so it can't stand against lip product without moisturizing ingredients. If I want bolder color, I think I might grab Revlon indeed. Or Mamonde for more variations. Although this one isn't disappointing for me, except that non-moisturizing formula and bullet size. Also sadly, after I have tried using bolder lipstick on my lips, it would feel similar like eating a soap. A weird smell. From candy to soap, yuck. Try not to use too much in a few swipes or swipe near the inside of your mouth. I think I won't use it anymore than this (twice) because it doesn't give me good result on my lips. I can't bear my lips becoming cracked from it.

Positive thoughts:
- Good color & pigmentation.
- Candy scent when applied.
- Leaving stain after eating.
- Look moisturizing on lips (only from visibility).

Negative thoughts:
- Only look moisturizing from outside. Meanwhile, it's not as moisturizing on the inside of my lips, leaving chapped lips after usage. I think the formula can't moisturize my lips.
- Weird soap smell in my mouth. I can feel like eating soap after the candy scent disappeared if I swipes too much. I think I will be carefull not to apply everyday. I'm afraid of the formula. I'm sensitive to sound & scent.
- For now, it's hard to find it at stores.

From this nude coral-pink taken at 11 AM, it would remain like on the below picture at 10 PM:

Yess, this is me after 11 hours!! What a tiring day with my friends. We went indoor & outdoor, received a friend's wedding invitation, then I need to search for my sister's dress until night. Not to forget that I was having a low blood, coughing, and the next day is working day again.

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