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Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks #02 Apricot Fleur & DAISO Ellefar Pearl in Eyeshadow A #Natural Brown

I've decided to create another mix review in one post. Apparently, I used the two of them on the same day so I could take a picture wearing these two. One item is the long awaited Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks I bought at Tokyu Hands SG in shade 02 Apricot Fleur. The other one is the last eyeshadow I bought from Daiso Vivo City SG, Pearl in Eyeshadow A shade Natural Brown. This eyeshadow is a hype product even in Japan itself.

01. Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks #02 Apricot Fleur

If you love Canmake as I do, you will be waiting for this cute blusher. Sadly, it haven't come out yet in Indonesia so I must grab it in Singapore. Apart from that, let's see the blusher looks like. It have five colors in one palette. The lightest one can be used as highlighter, gives bling-bling finish. The middle color will be pretty on the apple of our cheeks. And the other three colors will complement each other.

What do you know about Glow Fleur Cheeks?

It is a powder blusher that can give translucent & luster to your cheeks.
It will look as natural as bare skin.
Even though it's a powder, it doesn't feel powdery. An extraordinary texture that clings to your bare skin, as though the soft, light powder is melting into it!

The glow powder is the secret of the luster. The color and content of the pearl particles have been carefully calibrated to ensure that they achieve the best luster for each shade!
A quick sweep is all you need over cheeks tinted with a delicate flush. Boosts translucence! For lustrous, healthy-looking cheeks♪

Soft-focus effect gives your cheeks a poreless look★ Long-lasting★ Contains powder to prevent make-up run!!
Contains cheek-friendly beautifying & moisturizing agents and plant & fruit extracts♥ (moisturizing agents)
Ectoin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, arbutin, rosemary leaf extract, pomegranate flower extract, damask rose flower oil, rosehip oil, Rosa multiflora fruit extract.
★Formulation designed with your skin in mind★
Free from mineral oils, petroleum-based surfactants, fragrance, and alcohol.

Don't blame me if this post is full of pretty Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks picture. It's because the product itself is very beautiful!

Enough with the chat. Let's grab on to its beautiful case. The brush is also a luxury. It is soft and pretty in white color that will turn pink after usage.

Shade Apricot Fleur is a coral that provides a gradual flush that will suit everyone. Healthy! Yes, it gives healthy face flush. I intended to buy shade 03 Fairy Orange Fleur for quiet sometime after I found this blusher, but I changed my mind. I don't think orange would suit my skintone, though I believe that Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks orange will suit any cute makeup. I also found that shade 06 Milky Red Fleur is also in hype right now in Japan.

 The flowery emboss is very clear & 3D textured.

Either way, I love the prints! Flowery printed blusher, glittery texture, smooth finish on skin! Triple love!!! It is also long lasting. I used it at working day and it stayed all day. It won't change like my Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush (from bold to natural), but the shade after application itself is the right one without changing. The finishing is sheer, but cute! Anyone that loves the word "cute" will love this blusher. Thankfully, without scent so I can stand wearing it without sneezing. It doesn't enlarge pores, a beautiful soft finish!

Swatch on Hand

Swatch on Cheeks with Missha M Magic Cushion as the base. It stays clean even after workhour. I contoured my nose a bit. And I think I like wearing Missha M Magic Cushion without any primer on my dry skin so it would stick better.

Positive thoughts:
- Cute 3D printed flowers & nice color variation.
- Natural, soft-looking finish without looking too bold.
- Soft brush with pretty white color bristles.
- If I don't use the highlighter, the finish is almost matte. or maybe semi-matte?
- The highlighter isn't too visible but it creates natural highlight.
- Long-lasting on my dry skin, but I've tried wearing Missha M Magic Cushion and this blusher stayed great all day.

Negative thoughts:
- Nothing! I just want to grab more colors, even no.03, 05 & 06, or maybe the matte type.

02. DAISO Ellefar Pearl in Eyeshadow A #Natural Brown

Ellefar Pearl in Eyeshadow A is a handy purse sized 4 eyeshadow set that offers "beauty on the go". In bright shades of natural warming browns providing highlights and definition with a pearl finish. Without mirror and with soft chip. But I think the chip can't be used for blending since it's made of cheap sponge puff. I can use it for lining though. By the way, this eyeshadow is already made since 2-3 years ago. But sadly, I just knew about it this year. Blame me for neglecting cosmetic 3 years ago.

Packaging is made from plastic. Looks cheap, but I think it's quite similar to Bourjois eyeshadow, isn't it? Whatever it is, the variant of colors are quite unique. I do like the combination.

The first color is white, either can be used for highlighting browbone, inner corner undereyes, or for base color. I usually use it for base & undereye. The right color is dark brown color, good for making shadow. The bottom right is natural golden brown. I usually use this kind of color on top of base color. While the last is the unique shade, dark blue color almost similar to black. This is perfect for lining the outer corner.

But in this picture below, I used quiet different method for shadowing. After using white & golden brown shadow as a base, I blended the dark brown on inner & outer corner, leaving the middle behind. And then, lining upper eye & 1/3 corner of undereye with the dark blue shadow. Of course I added white shadow for my inner corner of undereyes for plump eye look. Let's see here, even though I've used the dark blue color, it looks very natural:

And in another occassion, I wore this eyeshadow without the blue color.

Yeah I know. My Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner N is almost empty. I kept using it because I like it more than the dark purple pen.

For staying power, it's so-so. I think the staying power of my Glitter Eyeshadow is stronger than this. Maybe it's because I used the dark blue color so it became the most messy part until all of my shadow colors are in blue after 6 hours wearing, although I only used it for lining before. But it's no problem. With 4 color varieties, I can play with them as I want. I think I will use the three others much more than the dark blue.

Using Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks #02 and Daiso Ellefar Pearl in Eyeshadow A #Natural Brown. As you can see, after a few hours, the dark blue color is messing my crease. It's not long-lasting.

On my lid, the colors are pretty without being too much glittery. It's more natural than Glitter Eyeshadow, but I guess it'll be more natural without using dark blue. Though I also like to use dark blue for other occassion, because the color is not too dark once applied. It's not as dry as Glitter Eyeshadow and more glossy. Very pretty brown.

Positive thoughts:
- Glossy finish eyeshadow without too much glitter, except the white color. The finish for base color is satin.
- Unique color variations, especially the dark blue. If you grab another palette, there's quiet an interesting sky blue variations.
- The palette is baked eyeshadow and soft-finish on my crease.
- Cheap but the color quality is almost the same as drugstore makeup like Canmake etc.

Negative thoughts:
- Staying power is not too strong, but still acceptable. But my skin is dry, so better prepare well for oily skin.
- The chip can't be used for blending because it's too thin. Must use our own brush.

I don't know why my expression looks like Sulli in this picture.

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