Monday, October 19, 2015

DAISO Winmax Pearl Rouge Lipstick #97 Pink Beige

Winmax is another famous brand sold for DAISO Japan. I have read that this kind of lipstick is a good one, even though I was afraid it wouldn't come good on me because it's very cheap. But I should grab on one at least, right? Finally, this is my second lip product from DAISO to try.

The packaging does feel like a cheap lipstick. And I'm afraid it would dry out my lips.

Did you know? This lipstick has two caps. The one you see on the first picture is the transparent plastic cap so you will know the exact bullet color & lenght at the store. While the dark blue cap on it is the real cap. We can use either one, but I'd prefer the blue cap because the transparent cap is too long to keep in my shelf.

There is an ingredient list.

The only shade I found is Beige Pink, no.97. I know there are a few shades available, around 3 or more. But I guess this shade will also be good enough for natural lip, or not?

After opening the plastic, I guess the packaging is almost the same as cheap Maybelline lipstick or so.

Okay, the bullet has a bit shimmers on it. And it's creamy. Below is swatch on hand:

Creamy & sheer pink. What about the beige? I don't see any.

Swatch on lips. The color is nude pink, very natural indeed.

It's creamy, so I must be careful with dry parts. Although I've seen something more bad than this (Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter for example). The texture is light and creamy, not feel sticky. But it does transfer to anything. The staying power is only 1 hour! But I think it is good enough for $2 lipstick (or, 100Yen in Japan). It glides smoothly too on my lips, easy to apply. The formula doesn't create chapped lips. It's very safe to use.

Do a 10 minutes makeup challenge because I was in a hurry. I didn't care about the bold blush anymore. I did it with DAISO Happiness Puff Blush Orange Naranja. It seems the remaining powder left opened is still too much to be used in one swatch. The eyeshadow is DAISO Glitter Eyeshadow #E Coral. For base makeup, I didn't use a primer and straight to KATE Mineral BB Gel Cream, topped with Innisfree No Sebum Powder. Eyebrow with Canmake Liquid Eyebrow. Using Canmake GOKUBUTO Mascara. I should buy the new one. You see that if I don't shading my nose, it will look bland because of short & straight eyebrows.

My thoughts for DAISO Winmax Pearl Rouge Lipstick #97 Pink Beige:
+ Cheap, very cheap!
+ With good quality and not drying my lips, unlike the Emina Lip Color Balm.
+ Creamy and glides on easily.
+ The pink color is pretty, nude and soft.
+ The cap can be changed according to your preference, either the transparent but easily to be put off and long cap, or the blue-short cap but the color is hidden.
+ The dry parts (because it's creamy) won't be noticeable from far.
+ No scent & flavor.
- Cheap plastic tube.

Be sure to buy this type of Winmax if you visit overseas Daiso. I have read that the other Daiso lipstick (with black flower-shaped cap) isn't too good. This one is the best.

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