Sunday, October 11, 2015

MUJI Loose Powder Pressed Type #Lucent White

For reference, this is my first highlighter. I know, I've been using eyeshadow as my highlighter all these days. And when I went to Singapore, I bought many type of shading & highlight items. I still have KATE Slim Create Powder, Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks, DAISO Mix Cheek Powder #3, DAISO Duo Color Cheek #Strawberry, etc which have shimmers. Well, I personally don't like shimmery finish except some kind of natural glittery eyeshadow. But I saw this MUJI Loose Powder Pressed Type in shade Lucent White on Youtube. So I decided to try this, although I was confused to choose either this powder or their Eyecolor in palette of 4. I realized I have too many eyeshadows, so I grabbed the Lucent White instead. For more information of MUJI makeup, you can visit their website.

MUJI Loose Powder Pressed Type in shade Lucent White is a finishing powder to produce a transparent skin and delicate glow of white pearl. This powder is fragrance-free, a mineral-oil based makeup finish. It will soften pores where you put it and create three-dimensional feeling. Actually, it has two shades which are Lucent White (fair skin) and Honey Beige (darker skin). The Honey Beige comes in golden pearl, while Lucent White has white pearl. Except highlighting loose powder, I think they also produced normal loose powder but with shimmers (I think I will move away from that kind of shimmery powder, reminds me of Etude House Secret Beam Powder Pact).

Ingredient list and how to apply highlighter.

Packaging is only made by plastic here and there. But the color is really entertaining for my eyes. I don't know if different color particles in this powder will help creating sofisticated look for fair skintone, but I guess I'd better try it first. Because it's different than my KOSE Fasio Shade Trick Eye BL-2 eyeshadow which I usually used. It have blue-ish tone in the powder.

After opening the cap, which you must turn round, there is a plastic separating the cap and the powder. Oh my, I really think this powder is a football's ball because of its coloring. Sadly, there is no brush to put it on. But I have my Canmake Cheek Brush, so it's alright. On the website, it's also said that they sold the puff separately. But why would I use a puff for highlighting? It won't be good. I need a brush for it. Anyway, after trying the powder using my cheek brush, it takes too much powder for nose highlight. I will use my Canmake Shading Powder brush for later attempt.

This is while it still have plastic separator.

After opening the separator (I put it on the cap).

So it's my turn to try it. I don't have any problem with this powder, it can be put easily on my brush. But I have to take the powder carefully so the case will be clean from the particles. Meanwhile on my nose, this powder creates a soft 3D look easily. It came out quick, just 1-2 swipes on my T-zone. But for my cheekbones, I need a few times until I didn't bother to swipe anymore, and still not came out greatly.

Swatch on my hand.

Put it on my face (nose, cheekbones, upper lip).

When I realized, this highlighting powder is very natural. It doesn't give too shimmer-y finish for my face, or it will become funny. Maybe for those who like high shimmery finish won't like this powder. But for me, it's easy to use in everyday working activities. It won't come out too much on face, creating a 3D finish without being too powdery. Yep, I said not too powdery. As the website said, it would give soft look, especially on pores. It won't make my pore visible, just closes it with shimmers. Just don't hope for bling-bling cheeks (which I don't like) because it's very sheer & natural, to soften the area for highlight.

On this picture, I took a photo after 15 minutes applying. I put it on my T-zone, cheekbones, upper lip, chin.

The second picture here is after working for 9 hours (after applying). The shimmers were still there. I could still see that my upper lip also have shimmers too. Spot the differences? My dark circle is already appeared!

Actually, I went to Joo Won's fan meeting (well, if you read my Gaksital post on my twentyninenights blog, you'll know that he's my favorite actor, not based by his handsome face but great acting skill) at Lotte Shopping Avenue Mall after this photo. I couldn't see him properly because there were many fans waiting since a long time ago. I decided to just eat at foodcourt (My preference is Loving Hut vegetarian) then choosing my mom's new dress. After all of that, I had a chance to see him when he was walking through the gate at the end. And sadly, I couldn't see his face, that's too far. Meanwhile, the powder was still on after 10 PM!

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