Monday, July 27, 2015

Missha M Magic Cushion #21 Light Beige Review

This is the first time I bought Missha's cosmetic. The brand is from Korea and their BB cream (I think the red tube one) is the best seller among others. M Magic Cushion is the latest cushion they made and have just launched this year. I'm glad their very first cushion has SPF 50+/ PA+++ because it will be a good advantage rather than the ones below. This cushion is also matte type, without refill.

Packaging is all in white.

I wanted to bought this Missha M Magic Cushion when I went to Matahari Mall Ciputra. But then, I didn't find the counter because my sister was sick. So I grabbed Tony Moly Crystal Blusher there in a hurry. When the next day I went to Matahari Mall Taman Anggrek, I found the counter and checked if there's still off price. The reality was harsh on my pocket. They still had 30% off price from Rp 269k++ (I forgot the exact price but it's about there) to Rp 188k++. Moreover, the BA said that day was the last day of the discount (Because they had held it for 2 weeks and the first time offer was Rp 99k). Okay, so in the end, I still purchased the BB cushion even though I already have 4 now from different brands (Laneige, DASODA, Innisfree, and Missha).

Ingredient list. Right click and open link in new tab to make it larger.

There are only 2 shades available for this type of cushion either in Indonesia or worldwide, which are #21 Light Beige and #23 Natural Beige. The shade ranges are too small, different than Laneige. For the price, I must say they're generous enough for the new product launching. All items always gets discounted 30% after the launch. The BA said I should buy #21, the lightest shade. I was not afraid if the shade #21 didn't fit my skin because I read there are many customers who like their BB cream. And that must be because the shade is compatible with most people's skin.

It's very round and bulky.

Packaging is in white color with silver line and texts, diameter is tinier than Laneige (of course Innisfree too, because Innisfree's cushion is larger in diameter, but not in depth). M Magic Cushion's puff is almost the same as Innisfree, not too soft and stiff. The color is dark blue. When I opened its separator with its puff, I can smell floral. The fragrance is quite likeable and not too strong, similar to Laneige.

Don't get surprised by how the BB cream comes off from the cushion's sponge (messy). I asked the BA and she said it's normal. Well, I don't care as long as the inside doesn't get wasted. The cushion's body is clean enough, so it's okay. And I'm glad the off price item is still new. It was produced in this year so I didn't get expired product like Tony Moly's blusher (Of course I don't mind if the product doesn't bring me irritation). Well, even if some of the cream comes out from its sponge, it's makes it easy to take its puff. Innisfree is a little bit hard to push. Missha M Magic Cushion's sponge doesn't have pattern, while my other cushion usually has it.

Thankfully, it didn't get wasted by spilling more cream outside. It's still clean.

At first time applying, the color is very white. I was afraid if I did bought the wrong shade. And it seems heavier than any other cushion I've tried, gives of white mask skin. It's more like normal BB cream to me. The coverage is also incredible. I would say, medium to full for me, especially because I couldn't see my nose's redness. But after a few minutes (it takes longer), the white mask skin becomes natural. I can see a few redness on my nose. If I compared my face with my hand, my hand is still whiter. But I think this BB cushion is great to cover up my dark circle. For matte finish, it's similar to Etude House BB cream Cotton Fit. Semi-matte and glowy.

Sorry, it's a big picture. After a few minutes, I can see redness on my nose. But my acne marks were already covered. Why right side? Because it's where my acne marks comes out the most nowadays (Always hide it with my hair, that's why my right face easily gets pimple).

Staying power might be good enough for dry to normal skin. But I don't know if it's used by oily skin. I think it'll stand more if not doing an outdoor activities. I don't recommend using it if you have sweat / outdoor activities. It doesn't sink into face lines pretty much. A little might be, but it can be erased by tapping. It cracked a bit around my nose and chin, as usual a cream would be, after 5 hours. But not too visible from afar. The BB cushion is so-so from my expectation. But maybe there's people who thought it's good. Part of it maybe because it's easy to use sponge rather than finger, the coverage is buildable to full, and it stands for 5 hours until it begins to cracked. Though it's maybe because I used Etude House Face Conditioning as primer, which is very oily.

 This is after more than 5 hours. The nose side and chin were already cracked / patchy.

I don't feel there's any amazing aspect from Missha M Magic Cushion. I know their BB cream is famous. But the cushion is heavy & thick. I'd prefer sheer coverage cushion but fit into real skin like Innisfree and DASODA, gives glowing effect but not too much. Well, of course despite Laneige has medium coverage, I like it the most for its finishing result. For repurchase, I think I won't do that. Moreover, the refill hasn't come out yet in Indonesia. It's expensive to buy a new cushion and its case, right? If I must use PO, I'd prefer Laneige Pore Control or Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion.

 Left picture is from morning and the right one after 5 hours. Because I caught a cold, just wear minimum makeup. Etude House Face Conditioning Cream, Missha M Magic Cushion #21, Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner N, Tony Moly Crystal Blusher #09 Pink Jubilee, The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Pure My Lips #03 Juicy Peach. You can still see that my hand is whiter...

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