Saturday, July 25, 2015

Tony Moly Crystal Blusher #9 Pink Jubilee Review

I'm back about Korean cosmetic again and second Tony Moly product I've got! The first one is Cat's Wink Clear Pact and really love it for smooth texture. I bought Tony Moly Crystal Blusher (they wrote it Cristal) in shade #9 Pink Jubilee. There was a 50% off price at its counter in Matahari Dept Store Mal Ciputra Jakarta for a few items so I grabbed one of it. I wanted to buy the powder UV what, but there was only shade #2 and one box left, so my eyes went to its blusher. I think it's pretty famous in Korea too. But there were only 4-5 shades available at the counter, so I took this pastel pink (I wanted to grab peach before).

Well, I didn't exactly went to the counter for Tony Moly. I actually wanted to purchase the new Missha M Magic Cushion (and hoping for a discount), but I couldn't find it. Lately, I wanted to try other Korean product after testing many Japanese ones again. Yeah, my preferences always changing from time to time. This was the darkest pink I could find at the counter but let's see...

The price tag is Rp 129.000,- or USD 9.70 but there was 50% off discount so I paid half of it. I think it's the same price if I buy it online, right? Psst, the production date is from 2012 so that's why there's 50% off. Well, I don't bother that as long as it's still useable. I still have my Etude House BB cream Bright Fit for 2 years now and still fine (because I hate using it). For now, there are only 9 shades from Crystal Blusher range, contains bronzer and blusher.

The pink color is soft, cool-tone, and matte. I think I like matte blusher for more natural finish that will lock on to skin. Though I also like a little shimmery finish when depends on my mood. Just a little, though. I won't prefer a blusher with many visible glitters.

I think it's matte, but there's little shine. Not from glitter, though. It's just glowing matte pink. The powder is in crystal shape and it makes the cheap packaging be more elegant. Still, I thought it would be dark pink like on its pan. When I brush the powder on its pan, it will gives pretty fallout along the wind, something like a makeup movie would do. That's beautiful, but also wasting product...

Swatch on hand. Still looks the same as its pan. Just that, the powdery chalk is more obvious. It's not drying but also will blend easily to skin like nothing came off after one swatch only=invisible. See the picture when I was wearing the blusher (You can't even see it clearly, huh? Even though I had 4-5 or maybe 6 times swatch):

I only wore Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream, Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain Cherish, and Tony Moly Crystal Blusher #9 Pink Jubilee. That's already night after I wore the BB cream more than 12 hours and normal sweat from walking. And Cherish! I wiped my lips with water before. It gave red stain after that. I like it! Wait, I'm reviewing Tony Moly blusher right now. It's not too noticeable but gives natural soft flush.

So in conclusion, the pink color doesn't come bold. But I like the natural sheer finish it gives. I think it represent what I always watch on Youtube (expecially Insite TV channel) when the model/MUA put on pink blusher and it gives a nice natural soft finish. Tony Moly blusher does it pretty well for a cheap product. This blusher is very sheer, even more than my Coffret D'or. I like it a lot and might repurchase this shade. To buy another color, I think I'll try it later because I'm already in love with this pink one. Despite I'm also eye-ing the light peach color before too and the violet one (I don't know the light peach shade number and violet isn't available there). Well, I'll wait for another sale or online shopping since the counter's price is twice higher.

I didn't wear eye makeup at all, even curling lashes. It makes my eyes very round and small. But that's my real eyes, anyway. Sorry for dark circles. I rarely covered them.


  1. I actually like the sheer finish! It looks really natural but still rosy and glowy *v*
    I've been looking at the tonymoly blushes online and I think thanks to your review I'll finally buy one (or two lol) - it's such a nice shade!

    1. I also like sheer finish blusher. This one is very soft and lovely. I've been using this everyday. Hope you'll like it too.