Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion #21 Natural Beige Review

Finally I tried Innisfree BB Cushion! I've been thinking to buy it after watching Pony's Beauty Diary, which was months ago. But when I hadn't made up my mind, I got distracted over Canmake that's easy to grab here. Then, I watched Sweet 20's Beauty Drama on YouTube and it made my urge to buy Innisfree's cushion increasing again. I was hesitated either to buy Long Wear Cushion, Water Glow Cushion, or Ampoule Intense Cushion. I read reviews saying about Ampoule Intense Cushion is a mixed between Long Wear and Water Glow. Despite it is dewy finish (that I hate), I already have Laneige Pore Control, which is matte, so I guess it's okay to try Ampoule Intense. Back to my review, click read more.

My face becomes dull last week until now because I've been tired taking care of my sick pets. My male puppy ate something that made him went to a clinic and thankfully just for one day sickness, while the female puppy was having diarrhea. Well, both have recovered yesterday. And then, I must taking care of giving milk to my baby bunnies. There are only two now, because one died from diarrhea, again. I saved the two babies with medicine and they're still living healthy now. It took around 10 times making milk and medicine for my baby bunnies in total! My mom was busy taking care of my female puppy anyway. As for my father and sister, they're just lurking around without helping.

The Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion in shade #21 Natural Beige. Beware of the text "The ultra-fine formula expresses an even skin tone with thin coverage free of caking every time you use it." It really does mean it have thin coverage.

Okay, let's back to the topic again. Below is the picture of Ampoule Intense Cushion. The packaging color is a little bit whey color (mixed green and creme), softer than No Sebum Powder green packaging. Speaking of No Sebum, I bought it together with Ampoule Intense Cushion, but let's talk about it on the next next post, maybe? The cushion comes with SPF34 / PA++.

Let's go to how the sponge feels like. The color is blue, similar to Laneige sponge, but it's harder or should I say, stiff. I'd prefer Laneige sponge. But yeah, after I used it for my face, I found out that even though it's stiff, it's still smooth. Also, the cooling sensation is there too. Anyway, a so-so sponge for me. Despite of that, I think it can applied the cream really well.

 I'm just excited about the new cushion because for Korean BB cream, I'd prefer cushion type, which usually doesn't feel very sticky.

The coverage is sheer, but as times goes by (no, just a few seconds), it becomes medium. So I'm glad that it can cover my redness because my face is very dull at the moment. Why did I chose shade 21, despite I always bought the lightest shade base makeup? It's because Innisfree's base always lighter than other brand, is what I've read. I'm a bit afraid it will give me mask look, so I preferred the safe shade, which is natural beige. And I'm glad my choice isn't wrong. It doesn't make my face looks like I'm wearing mask, cover redness, and little dark spots (acne mark). Smell a bit of herbal while applying but not too strong.

For stickiness, I think it's the same as another Korean BB cream. They always produced sticky foundation. Well I think that's fine for dewy finish, but Etude's Cotton Fit, which supposed to be matte, is untolerable sticky! Oil control for Ampoule Intense Cushion is so-so, but since I'm working in full AC and my skin is dry, I don't feel any "fried tempura" face. I guess I'll wear the cushion if I'm not going with public transportation or outside building. But not too different than Laneige Pore Control in fact about sticky feels and glow. I do feel the cushion is good and not too cakey, because I can still see some acne mark black spots. That's what I've search in a base makeup. The natural one which isn't cakey at all. I'm quite like the cushion, yay! It doesn't give itchy feels to my face, unlike Laneige (I feel itchy a little bit after 30mins applying, but just for a few minutes and not have any effect to my face at all).

You can see that even though the shade is 21 natural beige, it still makes my face looks whiter! Maybe because the before picture is taken after bath, my face usually becomes red. But in reality, the color is the same as my hands (of course with my legs too). Acne mark below my lips can be covered a bit, just the red color remained. It is glowy, but not looking oily (I'm glad). Forgive my long oval face! This is what I'm look like without bangs.

I don't recommend this to someone who have many acne marks/pimples because it won't cover it for a long time. I think the coverage stands for 4-5 hours, and then I can see obvious acne mark on my face, especially the red one below my mouth. But for me who is preferring natural-type, it's good enough to even out my skintone and looks healthy & glowy. Surprisingly, the BB cream doesn't sink into my lines, unlike most sticky cream-based makeup, especially around the side of my nose and smile-lines (even KATE Powderless Liquid can sink into my smile-lines if I don't wear Etude's Face Blur aka good primer). I will try wearing Ampoule Intense Cushion with No Sebum Powder later to test for how long the powder will control oil. I think I put a little bit No Sebum Powder on my eyelid before wearing eyeliner, but it seems the cream still sink into the eyelid lines after a few hours. That's what cream-based base makeup would turn out for my eyelid. Although if I wear eyeshadow, it doesn't sink at all.

 With new lip crayon from Revlon. Review will be later. You can see some black spots on my cheeks. It proved how natural it is!


  1. What are the products undertones? Is it neutral, yellow, or pink?

    1. Many said it's very light colored. I also think it's true, the shades are lighter than other brands. Because it'll make lighter colored-skin, I think it's pink-tone.