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Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation #51 Vanille Clair & Little Round Pot Blush #34 Rose D'or

I finally bought another Western brand cosmetic! After Maybelline, Revlon, and Max Factor (I think Max Factor is the worst lipstain I owned), this time, the brand is from Paris, Bourjois. Bourjois is owned by Chanel company. But the product is definitely different. I don't know about Chanel because I never buy their product, but reading of some review, it's probably only the same factory. The things is, why did I bought Bourjois? I didn't know anything about this brand before watching Youtube. A few makeup tutorial from Japan using its foundation. I searched through internet and found that their items contain lovely scent. Of course I'd like to try. Even though our drugstore sells Bourjois, I've never seen the Heathy Mix Foundation. Instead, the one I found is Healthy Mix Serum Foundation. The Serum one have sheer coverage and less size, so I didn't bother buying it. I found Healthy Mix Foundation on Sociolla website, together with Little Round Pot Blush. I grabbed the two of them in the end.

Another pretty box from Sociolla, isn't it?

01. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation #51 Vanille Clair
The first one I'll review is Healthy Mix Foundation. This foundation has apple fragrance, or so I thought. It will give radiance boost to skin without looking flawless for 16 hours! Enriched with fruit therapy formula to enhance complexion. It contains apricot for radiance, melon for hydration, apple to protect youth (That's what I smell as apple scented, the other fruits has gone?). Also enriched with crystalline pigments to even out complexion while letting in the natural light for that healthy looking glow. Its soft, fresh texture easily blends onto the skin for a comfortable flawless finish leaving you with beautiful, radiant and hydrated skin for 8 hours.

Glass bottle. Makes it heavy.

The packaging is from glass, so it's heavy (I really meant it). Healthy Mix Foundation is my second foundation after Kanebo KATE Powderless Liquid for Cover. The cap is pump type, with red color. That's very bright compared to its bottle in the foundation cream color. The pump is a little bit hard to push at the beginning. But after some pumps, I can let the cream out easily. Even though I feel the bottle is very small and thin, but speaking wise, I won't be able to finish it all in a year I think. The foundation stays clean & matte even after I've used it for more than 8 hours without sinking to smile lines and around nose. I'm amazed how it didn't start becoming cracked near my nose and chin because all of my base makeup did it except powder-type. Moisture-proved!

Even though some says KATE Powderless Liquid's coverage is sheer to medium, for me it's already full enough. As for Healthy Mix Foundation, I find it sheer to medium like everyone said. It can cover redness well, as you can see in the picture below, where I tested it with my hand (I scratched it from mosquito bites at night when sleeping, that's very horrible).

Forgive my ugly scratched hand (blame mosquito and hot weather). The swatch is already with its blush, Rose D'or. As you can see, the foundation covers up the blush color and my scratch very well. The foundation also have yellow-ish tone, more than my skin.

For finishing result, I would say it's semi-matte. I feel it's matte on skin because it's not sticky, but it has glow. But despite that semi matte, it's more matte when I touch my face, unlike Korean BB cream. That's perfect for oily skin and someone like me, who likes matte finish. Vanille Clair is the lightest shade. For me, it's perfect for my skin very well, although as many other base makeup would be (except Korean), my hands are still too white than my face. It doesn't get oily with me as I'm working in AC. But yeah, it doesn't, unlike Etude House BB Creams.. Anyway, I'm satisfied enough with this foundation and might repurchase. Please always have this item, Sociolla, because I can only buy this shade from there.

02. Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush #34 Rose D'or
Little Round Pot Blush is another famous product from Bourjois. It has been for more than 150 years. The texture is baked blush. When applied on skin, it will transforms into an ultra fine pressed-powder, which is easy to apply and blends impeccably. Its built-in mirror and brush is perfect for touch-ups on the go! Exists in 12 shades to match all skin tones. About Rose D'or, its other name in English is Golden Rose. For my eyes, it's the lightest pink shade after #37 Rose Pompon and will suit fair skin very well. I thought the other famous colors are #15 Rose Eclat, #32 Ambre D'or, #33 Lilas D'or, #48 Cendre de Rose Brune.

It can stand until 2017. I'm glad... Mine is all in France text. I've seen English text in some reviews.

The packaging is very tiny and the cap used magnet. It will easily open if I store it on my bag. I won't ever bring this without simple makeup pouch (If I put it in big pouch, it will easily get opened). For the brush, the shape is a little bit strange because it is round. The bristles are hard and not skin-friendly. But I've read a review said that it's maybe made hard to easily pick up the baked blush because it can hardened along time. Uh, whatever it is, I don't like the brush and will use my Canmake blush brush for later application. Though it's very useful for touch-ups. Sadly, I don't like doing touch-up except for lipstick. The brush can pick enough color for me, unlike a few mentioned it can't.

The brush is true round shape in reality. I'm interested in baked blush color on pan, such as MAC Mineralize series since long ago. And finally got it from Bourjois. They have pretty gradation.

Swatch on hand. The glitter is more visible on hand rather than on face.

Rose D'or has beautiful pink finishing. Although the shimmers are pretty obvious in the pan, on skin, it's just a slightly bit. Not exagerrating, but gives glowing flush. Although I think I put it too much in the morning, after a few hours (maybe 2-3 hours), it blends nicely with my fair skin into soft pink. Still, the shimmers is unnoticeable on face. It has rose scent, something makes me remembered about my grandma's whatever thing has the same smell. I think it's old cosmetic or so (But Bourjois is already old enough for my dead grandma to have used it before). For swatch on hand, I already put the picture above.

The picture taken in early morning. The blush is still bold at that time. I used Hada Labo Gokujyun Lotion, Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Vanille Clair, Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush Rose D'or, Coffret D'or Full Smile Eyes eyeshadow Apricot Beige, Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara, Etude House Drawing Eye Brow #3 Dark Brown, Canmake Stay-on Balm Rouge Flowing Cherry Petal.

I like these two items I bought. I'm satisfied with their result. It's what I was searching all this time in a blush and foundation. I like not too cakey and medium coverage base makeup. Sadly, no SPF. But don't worry. Try to put sunscreen or SPF primer before. As for blush, I like soft pink color that will mixed into skin very well. Although I also like Canmake Cream Cheek CL01 because it's buildable to pink color, not because it's red (well, I also like its red too, but not as blush). I will happily purchase Bourjois other product except lip, cause I don't feel interested in their lip & eyeshadow products. The price is also match with their quality. For Healthy Mix Foundation, I have to buy it for Rp 305.000,- (USD 23.11) and Pot Blush for Rp 157.000,- (USD 11.90) with Rp 50.000,- discount from first subscription. You're very kind, Sociolla. I like Bourjois other Round Pot Blush colors and want to try their Cream Blush and maybe Blush Exclusif, if only they're easy to grab here...

 After 6 hours (It's actually 2 hours but I just took photo after 6 hours), the blush is completely mixed with my skin very well. It gives pink hint, but not too much. Beware oily skin, it might disappear too.

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