Wednesday, June 17, 2015

DASODA FC Aqua Cushion Foundation 365 by Cosmedic-Ai with SPF50+ / PA+++

DASODA maybe isn't booming as well as Kanebo or even Canmake. But I've seen this eyeliner from DASODA brand is sold in Singapore Sasa. Though I think the base makeup haven't come out yet there. This is precisely sold only in Japan. And when I saw Snapeee (ViVi's channel), I saw a new cushion from Japan, which is from DASODA. ViVi models blogged about it too. The campaign can be seen here. The name of the memorable cushion in Japan is DASODA FC Aqua Cushion Foundation 365 (ダソダエフシーアクアクッションファンデーション365). What number is 365? Is it about days in a year? As for FC, I think it comes from FaCe. I don't thing it's similar to a foundation because of light texture, so it's a BB cushion (you know that Japan often named it differently, such as lotion but it's more to a toner?). Comes with SPF50+ / PA+++, it's already have high SPF as Laneige BB Cushion! Wow, it's such a great starter. But when I saw the back of the cushion. it was made in Korea. So, is it a mixed production?

ViVi models is advertising this cushion. I have two pictures from Snapeee. You can see below:

It is a 7 in one foundation (taken from the website) : moisturizing serum, sebum control, sun protection, base makeup, concealer, foundation, and powder. To use this is by using the sponge to capture the liquid inside and pat through entire face (and neck).


The packaging is almost the same as Korean BB Cushion packaging, made from printed box. I really love the green box because it soothe and calming. Moreover, it looks luxurious than most Japanese plastic packaging, right? I can see the similarities with Innisfree brand because they used the same packaging (I don't know, SOY printed?).

The box from above has DASODA label (DSD).

After I opened the box, what came out is the cushion pact! The size is similar to Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control, so I hope it will do the same or better result. But the color reminds me of my Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion, creme color. There's also a seal paper before opening for the first time.

DASODA FC Aqua Cushion Foundation pact is bulky, similar to Laneige.

The back of it. You can see clearly that it's made in Korea.

For cushion sponge, the color is creme-orange, to match with the cushion pact. Beautiful indeed. DASODA cushion sponge is softer and flexible compared to Innisfree, still softer than Laneige too!

Soft sponge!! I like this better than Innisfree sponge.

Better view of the packaging. Same as usual cushion pact.

For texture, it's definitely the same as Korean BB cushion, but more yellow-ish and natural than normal BB cream. Finish is semi-matte, with glowy effect. But it's not sticky, more natural than Laneige Pore Control. It also has the same itchy feeling a few minutes after applying and then gone like nothing (it doesn't affect my skin, just oxidizing). From the picture below, you can see before and after I used DASODA Aqua Cushion Foundation:

My skin is brighter, but definitely still darker than my neck. It's okay. I can use natural color like this when I'm working, rather than giving white lighter finish with Innisfree.

Overall, the finish is semi-matte, a bit glowing, have yellow shade so I think it's perfect for someone with darker skintone than mine (I think if I were to use MAC, my shade would be NW15-20? So it can be used with NC/NW25 too), long-lasting (I put it to work and stays well after arriving at home), doesn't get patchy or sink into face lines for my entire day working (I swear). I can wear it alone without powder because I feel that the liquid is mixed well with my skin. Some redness around nose and a few acne marks can't be covered enough. The coverage is light, same as Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion. That's because I can see my veins through my face. About long-lasting, I don't feel greasy even if I worked for 9 hours. The liquid stays on my skin and I think it's the most natural BB cushion glued to my face. The only problem for me is some liquid remains around nose (but can be taken off by tissue) and the shade is a bit darker for my skintone. Although it is darker, it's still brighter than my bare face because it can cover uneven color.

Another picture so you can see my hand is lighter than my face:

 Oh by the way, I used Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara for upper & lower lashes. It really gives long eyelashes, right? As moisturizer, I used Hada Labo Gokujyun Lotion. For eyeshadow, Rimmel shade A & B, topped with Canmake Strong Eyes Liner Black. Lipstick from Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick #3 but on the right picture above this one, after putting Innisfree, I put Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm Tease on the middle lips so it becomes coral-orange.

For repurchase, I must think around 10 times because it's hard to buy and the price pushed to around Rp 264.000,- plus shipping will be Rp 384.000,- (USD 29.10?) without a refill. Moreover, if it is made in Korea, I'll buy Laneige again because the brand is easy to find. But I really love the finish result and DASODA sponge!! *cries

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