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Hada Labo Shirojyun Ultimate Whitening Essence & Gokujyun Foaming Face Wash

I'm back into skincare review. As I've said earlier, my skin is considered good enough so I don't need too many skincare. What I need right now is just two purposes product, to moisturize and brightening because I have very dry skin. Usually, I used Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream as night cream and Hada Labo Gokujyun Moisturizing Lotion before makeup in the morning. I think Etude is rare to find here, I must buy through PO system, so I need something to exchange if I run out of Etude. I have tried Hada Labo Gokujyun Cream. It's moisturizes my skin really well, but sadly, doesn't brightening as in Etude. I need to try Shirojyun series and after some research, I found the essence. As for Gokujyun Foaming Face Wash, it's just impulse buying ^0^.

01. Hada Labo Indonesia Shirojyun Ultimate Whitening Essence

This essence is used for brightening skin, erasing spots and freckles. Yes, that's what I wanted. To erase my black spots, either because of acne and from sun damages. I also want to brighten my skin. I'm satisfied if using Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream and Kracie Hadabisei Extra Moist Mask. But I can't use mask everyday. That's too expensive! And I need something to replace Etude House. Shirojyun essence can be used either day or night after using lotion. But I mixed with my Gokujyun Lotion for moisturizing and supple finish. I like to use this essence every night because I don't want to use too many steps in putting makeup every morning. But I've tried a few times using the essence before makeup too. I wished it would double the brightening result but no.

The cap is pump type. There's also a description behind the bottle and how to use. It says to pour out the essence unto hands then even out to entire face. The box decription says to pour it around 2-3 drops.

Different than using the night cream, which is very sticky, the essence is quickly absorbed into skin. It doesn't leave anything to my face after a few seconds. Almost the same as its lotion, just a little bit heavier. It's like I'm not wearing anything on my face. Below is what the essence looks like, similar to a lotion but milky color:

The texture is similar to Hada Labo lotion, more white in color, but a little bit heavy before absorption. After a few seconds absorbed into skin, it feels nothing.

Result after a week : I used it every night after cleansing face, putting on Hada Labo Gokujyun Lotion, and this Essence. Also, a few times before makeup. Didn't expect any whitening effect because that's just a promotion word. Whitening in skincare means brightening. For that brightening result, I've proven it. It really does a great job maintaining bright face every morning after I use it overnight. Anyway, it doesn't have side effect on my face, no breakout or anything. But some pores do opened up bigger than usual, especially if I used twice a day, before makeup and before sleeping. Make sure to not use it twice a day because it's too heavy for skin. I didn't have that problem for Gokujyun cream, though.

For something about USD 10.07, it's pretty expensive, huh? But a skincare is a must for everyone, so it does good job. And the price is half of Etude's with easy to find product. I will use Etude House's cream of course for night, but if I run out of it, I'll grab the Shirojyun Essence. Plus Gokujyun night cream, of course. Wait, the price would be the same with Etude House then. For Gokujyun Lotion is Rp 33.000,-; Gokujyun Cream Rp 52.000,-; and Shirojyun Essence Rp 144.000,-. Total will be Rp 229.000,- or USD 17.35 and almost the same when I bought Etude House Moistfull Collagen for Rp 195.000,- or USD 14.77!!! I must consider again for this, if I can wait for PO, I should buy Etude House instead.

Positive thoughts:
- Does brighten face
- As well as moisturizing
- Doesn't have annoying scent
- Doesn't give breakout for dry skin like me (But be careful not to use it too often)
- Tiny bottle is good for travelling and there's a lot to be used because only need 2-3 pumps.

Negative thoughts:
- Expensive
- Might give breakout for some people
- Can't use it alone (direction to use it after the lotion and should moisturize more if using night cream)
- My face becomes dull again after half a day not putting this essence. Different than Etude's Moistfull Collagen, which stands bright for 2 days. You must put this every night for better result. While I can put Etude's once per 2 days if I have holiday.

02. Hada Labo Indonesia Gokujyun Foaming Face Wash

Yeah, this foaming face wash is just the same as Gokujyun Face Wash. The only differences is this one is in foam texture. The function for Gokujyun is to moisturize dehydrated skin. I like Hada Labo facewash because it doesn't hurt my eyes when some touches it during washing the area. Unlike Kracie Naive. Below is the ingredient list:

I don't need to write the result here because I have reviewed Gokujyun Face Wash, as well as Shirojyun in this post. The foaming type came out in large foam, easy to wash whole face. It cleans any dirt without feeling dry. I recommend it for anyone who have dry skin like me. The price is also cheap, around USD 2.65.

Positive thoughts:
- Moisturize skin and doesn't give dry feeling (supple finish)
- Cleans dirt
- Not too expensive (Kracie Naive is more expensive)
- Fun to use, especially if you have bubble maker
- Not heavy on skin.

Negative thoughts:
- Sadly, can't remove makeup. I need it nowadays. It might be good if I'm using normal powder. Just that. Because of that reason, I normally use it on holiday when I'm not wearing makeup.

Note : Recently, I'm pretty interested in Emina Cosmetic. It's a made in Indonesia brand new cosmetic, similar to Beauty Story. But I'm more interested in Emina's Cheeklit Cream Blush, in white liquid texture and changed to its blusher color after blending (so far, only peach and pink shade available). And the second product is the lip color balm, similar to Revlon. But it's not available yet in the nearest store from my home. I can only wait for the online shop. Everyone said that the price is cheap too. Sadly, I'm not interested in any of their base makeup (because it would be darker than my skin color and yellow tone) and eyeshadow (the colors are too unique, or must I say, bold? I would look like some clown in bold olive green or navy eyeshadow. Thanks, I'll stick with Japan & Korea eyeshadow for good). Anyway, I bought Missha M Magic Cushion in the end after neglecting by buying Tony Moly Crystal Blusher.
*Thank God, finally, there's an Indonesian brand that I found interesting. I'll wait for its quality (checking) before talking, then. I might try Beauty Story too, someday when I have an eager to do so. Because my budget always goes on to Japan & Korea cosmetic & skincare.

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