Thursday, June 4, 2015

Canmake Stay-on Balm Rouge 05 Flowing Cherry Petal & Lip Tint Syrup 01 Sakura Syrup

I had been longing for Canmake Stay-on Balm Rouge, moreover the shade no.5, Flowing Cherry Petal. While I dislike Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge, I think Stay-on Balm Rouge wouldn't be the same formula with the lipstick because it have "Balm" name on it. For Lip Tint Syrup, it's a new lip product from Canmake just launched around 2 months ago or so. I watched Youtube Ami Beauty TV channel and she introduced this lip tint as long-lasting and still got its shine like a gloss even after "blot by tissue". That's why I'd really like to try. The two of them were purchased through a member of beauty forum whom I recently known because her husband went to work in Japan for a week.

The right one is Stay-on Balm Rouge and the left is Lip Tint Syrup

1. Canmake Stay-on Balm Rouge 05 Flowing Cherry Petal

A beautiful and colorful lipbalm, huh? Soft pink color and golden cap. Gorgeous.

First, I will talk about Stay-on Balm Rouge. This lipbalm-like product have won Best Cosme Award in 2013. I've told you about Cosme ranking, right? It's on the Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara WP post. Although the website said it's a tinted rouge like a moisturizing lipbalm. I never had guessed it would be like a rouge. Okay, I'd like it if the UV protection is functioning well on this pretty lipbalm. I think it doesn't tell what kind of UV shield it is. I don't know because there is no SPF sign, but let's believe it. It's also fine to apply on dry-chapped lips because it will moisturize lips.

The size of the bullet is in the same lenght as the creme color packaging. Don't you think the packaging is very vintage-like? It's a lipbalm in texture. The color is sheer but it's buildable to medium. I'm happy I got to try Stay-on Balm Rouge because different than Creamy Touch Rouge, it really didn't get inside my lines. The no.5 color is beautiful and very flowery. I guess I now know why they named it Flowing Cherry Petal. My lips becomes soft pink like a petal (*gross then vomit)...

The texture is smooth and not sticky as lipgloss would be. It's definitely a balm, but with pretty color and a bit of stain.

For the wearing time, same as a lipbalm, but I think it's a bit longer because I must rub a few times to remove it from my lips. The color will give soft pink color to lips without being too vibrant. It's perfect if I want to create cute dolly look, huh? Which I never have tried. What's more? It doesn't have scent and very lightweight on lips. Moisturizing indeed and smooth to be applied. Everything about it is gorgeous. If only it's already available in Indonesia, though... We still have many Canmake products which haven't come out yet. And why do they think only its lipstick and lipgloss can give customer's satisfaction? I demand another cute product from Canmake! I'll definitely repurchase if I have finished it, moreover if it's already available here. I will buy the other color, example the 02 Smily Gerbera and 10 Flowery Princess.

Uh-huh, chubby face again. I must go on diet for the second time this year. And by the way, I used Kiss Me Heroine Make Protect UV Mineral BB Cream here. Like it a lot after my KATE BB Gel Cream.

2. Canmake Lip Tint Syrup 01 Sakura Syrup with SPF15 / PA+

It's the first liptint from Canmake. There's just two colors available at the moment, 01 Sakura Syrup and 02 Strawberry Syrup. Actually, I was interested in both colors, but I must try just one of it first. When I watched Amy Beauty TV, her lips still had its shine after blotting with tissue or drinking from a bottle. I'm a bit disappointed with Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint because it could get erased by eating. So I wanted to try the latest tint from Japan.

Nah, I didn't bother to translate the ingredient list. I don't understand any of it. What surprised me is "ringo=apple acid diisostearyl" on the text. Isn't this supposed to be sakura? Oh, diisostearyl is a conditioning agent-emollient.

This liptint is for you who hate the stickiness of a lipgloss and wanted syrup-like textured lip color with staying power. It won't stick to hair or clothes, stays even after drinking or eating, and provides a natural rosy look. The color will begin to develop rosier within a few minutes of application and then stays firmly on lips (the precise color will vary between individuals-so it's similar to the latest lip product too, Your Lip Only Gloss). Speaking of Your Lip Only Gloss, it will also change color depends on natural lip color or the base before applying it. No, it won't change its product color, but the base color is the element which will gives various result.

 This is what I meant by the brush. Looks like a toy to me, but it's a nice product.

Packaging wise, it's very simple and tiny. But the stick brush is very soft and flexible. Because I got in shade pink, the bottle is in pink color too. Strawberry Syrup is more red. When applied, it doesn't have any scent and weight. I feel like I'm not wearing anything because there is no taste nor smell. But the glossines is there! It turns more red similar to Etude Fresh Cherry Tint PK001 as time goes by, maybe because my bare lip color isn't too white to begin with. Has SPF too. Very good product indeed.

 The soft pink is only at one time swatch. After I did touch-up, whether I clean it first or not, the color will be brighter and red-pink.

For staying time, I tried blotting with tissue but most of pink color came off. The glossiness still remains, which is weird. Over some times, even though I was drinking through glass, the pink stain still remained with its shine. But again, because most of the color already removed, it gave more to a pink than red at the first time applying. So it became pink glossy without heavy weight on lip! The feeling when I used Lip Tint Syrup is also the same as Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint, even though Lip Tint Syrup gives shinier result. Some of formula might be the same? I wonder about that... For repuchase, I must think about it because it's similar to Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint. But if it's already available in Indonesia, I'll definitely repurchase! Cute, lightweight, glossy that stands for a long time, without scent and taste! I regret not buying the Strawberry Syrup now because it might give more color than Sakura Syrup.

 The one time application is sheer-er than after a few touches up, right? Here, I used Kiss Me Heroine Make Protect UV Mineral BB Cream under Kiss Me Heroine Make Mineral BB Loose Powder. The result is long staying power and cover pores and anything on my face. Very good coverage indeed but my face looks fake without pores. Shading a bit with Canmake Shading Powder.

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