Thursday, June 11, 2015

AC by AngelColor X Sanrio Limited Edition

It isn't a review post actually. I just wanted to celebrate with you, ladies who love Sanrio characters. There is a brand which came up to bring a collaboration with Sanrio, a great one at it. It is AC by AngelColor. It's actually have been announced sinced a few months ago. But I didn't have any interest to buy a powder with Sanrio characters' puff. I've never favorited Sanrio characters, in the first place. One thing I like in Sanrio is Cinnamoroll, actually it is my sister's favorite but it got me too. Errm, I don't have any favorite character or idol or hobbies actually, so yeah, I'm a neutral person. Even if I do like some characters in games or anime, drama, movie, etc, I never had any will to follow them forever.

Enough with the chitchat. I introduced you to the most favorite AC Wonder Collect Powder:

The actual loose powder will look like this:

Watched a few YouTube channel, ex: Kawaii Pateen. They will introduce you to favorite drugstore cosmetic.

And to make it even worse for you who'd prefer compact powder, this series is for Little Twin Stars:
There are many more collaborated packaging with Sanrio, but these are the best ones. The other would be just adding Sanrio picture to the makeup base tube. So, choose one of your favorite and grab them before out of stock! I might grab the Pompompurin or My Melody loose powder next month. Yup, next month. I broke my savings after purchasing three items from Japan! Pretty interested for Rohto SUGAO CC cream... Wait for my review.

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