Monday, June 1, 2015

Canmake Shading Powder 03 Honey Rusk Brown Review

I never had a shading powder. I used to try doing shading / contouring with Kanebo KATE Brown Shade Eyes BR-6 with my finger (not brush), but it's a bit hard to do because the cheek area is too wide. I think there are many Youtubers doing shading with Canmake Shading Powder. Most of them using no.1, Danish Brown. Sadly, the Danish Brown was empty at the counter, left just a tester, so I grabbed Honey Rusk Brown.

Basically, I have understood how to contour through many reviews. But it can be hard nor easy to do. For me, this will be my first attempt to do shading with a shading powder instead an eyeshadow, so let's think it's my first time. I never intended to do shading before, considering it took time again and I must buy a new item. But now when I'm learning another makeup technique more than just wearing eyeshadow, I need to try a few new things, including shading. That's the beginning of my contouring world.

The website wrote it like this:

It seemed impossible, but it's here! A special powder for shading!
With a quick sweep of the brush, you can make your face look smaller and more beautiful☆

Creates a soft-focus effect that beautifully highlights the shadows of the lines of the face
・Contains a soft-focus agent that uses the diffuse reflection of light to create a pore-less complexion that won't become dull easily.
Comes with a pliable nylon brush
・Comes with a flat brush that is easy to use on the lines of your face and convenient to carry in your make-up bag.
・If you apply the powder while holding the brush vertically, it can also be used on the bridge of the nose as a nose shadow.

Let's see the packaging:

This is after I have opened the plastic wrap.

How to contour in basic. I think this works better when I put it as a nose shading. LOL

The brush is soft. I proved it! But it's true that this kind of brush is a bit hard to use around cheekbone, as a Youtubers mentioned (If I remember correctly, isn't it Sekine Risa? I like Risa a lot and Haru-nyan, and Momopiyo).

I don't know why the brush picture is cut in half. Anyway, it's the texture of this shading powder in 03 Honey Rusk Brown. I don't know why it's lighter in color compared to the other picture.

Even though I swatched a few times, the color is hard to come out. But the visible result is around my nose (hah!). Let's see the comparison before and after shading:

Here, I used Hada Labo Gokujyun Lotion, Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream, Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes 04 Lady Beige Natural Style (the coral color), Canmake GOKUBUTO Mascara Black, Canmake Shading Powder 03 Honey Rusk Brown, and Canmake Candy Wrap Lip 03 Peach Shower.

Uh, yeah. Nothing changed so much. But I like that it defined my face, especially my nose. I will study more to shade my face, forgive that I'm a newbie in this world. Anyway, maybe I can use the shading powder as eyeshadow too, someday, yeah. The item is good enough and soft, doesn't have glitter so perfect for shading and as a matte eyeshadow, and maybe a beige blusher too? Who knows there's time I want to use it as a blusher... I think it stays for a long time too. I went out on weekend for 9 hours and I could still see the brown color around my nose and cheekbone. That's why I like matte and powder rather than creamy shading product (Well, Western brand have a few cream shading), it stays for a long time. Although I wanted to purchase Canmake Face Brush (the pink and white cute brush), I think I'll back off for now. The reason is below my picture.

I wore Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur, KATE Powderless Liquid, KATE Brown Shade Eyes BR-6 Matte, KATE Black Feather Lash Mascara, Canmake Shading Powder 03 Honey Rusk Brown, Canmake Candy Wrap Lip 03 Peach Shower. Highlight on T-zone, around eye area, and chin with KATE Brown Shade Eyes BR-6 base color and Canmake Shading Powder brush.

Anyway, I went to Aeon Mall second day grand opening. The first Aeon Mall in Indonesia is at BSD Serpong, very far from my home. But I had quite fun time there. The stores already opened and there's a lot of stuff toys, especially Pikachu from Pokemon! And the Isehan Kiss Me Heroine Make and Heavy Rotation can be found at its supermarket drugstore on Ground Floor. I purchased 3 Kiss Me Heroine Make products, which are Long & Curl Mascara Super WP (WaterProof), Mineral BB Loose Powder, and the Protect UV Mineral BB Cream. Wait for my review on these three products from Kiss Me Heroine Make, considering I like the eyeliner so much.

The Heavy Rotation brand only have a few mascara and eyeliner items and Lip Essence, so I didn't buy any. I wanted Heavy Rotation's Pure Color Gloss and Face Color Palette and it haven't come out yet. Really, I waited a month for Kiss Me products to be sold at Central Park Mall but I got it at Aeon Mall second opening day. Guardian drugstore plays with my heart.... Anyway, I went bankrupt at Aeon Mall yesterday. There are many Japanese people at Aeon Mall and I wonder why did they agree to work here... I'm excited to go there again and maybe will become my favorite mall (I don't have favorite mall ever). Different than messy IKEA, Aeon Mall is much more well-arranged (a.k.a. organized) and have many cute things. There's DAISO too, which I happened to usually buy home-y items.

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