Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Kanebo KATE Autumn / Winter 2016 Collection

I haven't had posted about KATE's latest collection before. But this time, I'm very interested in two of its collection for A/W 2016. Let's see what KATE will launch on 1st August.

Picture is the courtesy of @abesawako twitter. There are new eyeshadow, lip tint, lip & cheek cream, new color for eyebrow powder & powder blush, color liner.

01. KATE Dark Night Glow Eyeshadow (1,600Y each)
ケイト ダークナイトグロウ

Kuroki Meisa wore
Eye : Dark Night Glow BR-1, Designing Eyebrow N EX-4, Sharp Lock Gel Pencil BK-1, Virtual Long Lash BK-1.
Face : Powderless Liquid OC-C, Snow Skin CC Base, Dual Blend Cheeks BR-1.
Lip : Color Sensor Lip Tint BE-1.
Nail : Nail Color S SV-7, BK-4.

This 4 shades eyeshadow palette will launch 5 different color variations. It is known as wet & glossy deep eyeshadow. Below is the merged picture of all colors (I put English theme on each variation):

I'm interested for either PU-1 or PK-1. But I might buy PK-1 since it is more natural for office makeup. Though my sister chose PU-1 for me. Let's see my mood at the time later.

How to use:

Brief Explanation
Step 1 : Take wet shadow A to the entire eyehole.
Step 2 : Take B with the thick brush tip, align from the inner corner of lower eyelid to the inner eyelid.
Step 3 : Take C with thick brush tip to the entire lower eyehole.
Step 4 : Take D with the narrow tip brush, blurred around the outline.
There's a video in Japanese language below. I uploaded again on my channel because if KATE already launch a new item, it will be replaced and it's hard to find the older videos, except if KATE SG uploaded an English subs. I have explained the overall steps already.

02. KATE Color Sensor Lip Tint (1,400Y each)
ケイト カラーセンサーリップティント

Kuroki Meisa wore
Eye : Dark Night Glow BR-1, Designing Eyebrow N EX-4, Sharp Lock Gel Pencil BK-1, Virtual Long Lash BK-1.
Face : Powderless Liquid OC-C, Snow Skin CC Base, Dual Blend Cheeks RD-1.
Lip : Color Sensor Lip Tint RS-1.
Nail : Nail Color S RD-5.

Known as the title of "That lips, in a complex gradation". This maybe is the first liquid liptint from KATE. Before, I bought KATE CC Lip Cream and it left slightly bit of red color after a few swipes even though mine is pink and very satisfied with that tinted lipbalm. I'm interested in this KATE lip tint rather than Kose Visee Avant Oil in Lip Tint. Well, below is the color variations:

I will try to buy RS-1 as Kuroki Meisa wore. Uh, but I'm also confused between BK-1. Either way, if it turns out good, I will buy BK-1 later. RD-2 is also a beautiful cherry red. BK-1 or black will change your lip color to vivid red.

This lip tint has very different function than the previous KATE liquid rouge. The color can go deeper after numerous applications. The theme is "kesshoku gradation" or "complex gradation", a gradation lip color according to your own complexion. I think it is similar to Canmake Your Lip Only Gloss but with vivid color.

How to make kesshoku gradation :

Step 1 : Put the tip between upper & lower lip, slide from end to end.
Step 2 : Clench lips to make the tint spread throughout lips.
Step 3 : Put the tip again between lips and slide it to the end. The finish outline will remains blurred.
The video below will explain everything.

03. KATE CC Lip & Cheek Cream (850Y each)
ケイト CC リップ&チーククリム

As the name suggested, it's a lip & cheek cream. I always love Japan's lip & cheek cream better than Korea because Korea always made oil based cream and it looks ugly on my lips (means emphasize patchy lip lines). Meanwhile, Japanese cream cheek is usually more jelly-like and spread thoroughly. This comes with SPF20 / PA++. 01 Glow Red is a Good Color Red, while 02 Classy Pink is a natural fitting pink on lips.

For more information about the other latest item from KATE, you can visit A Touch of Blusher website. This site is very up to date to Japanese cosme. Truthfully, the other items such as color liner will be limited so I don't put it here. And I don't think I'm interested in color liner since I can't use it for work. And I found a Japanese blog about Dark Night Glow PU-1 & Color Sensor Lip Tint BK-1's real photo.
This is the website : or
Dark Night Glow PK-1 here :


  1. BIG LOVE TO KATE! Always love their products since Mika Nakashima starred as their muse (circa 2002 ?), love their eye-shadow range even though it seems KATE re-cycled some of their concept..

    1. Yeah, KATE is the only cool brand in Japan with affordable price. Although some of the eyeshadow colors looks similar to each other, this brand always created new concept. And of course the only site with easy-how-to-use video for its product. Many Japanese brands only using a picture and Japanese language for description but KATE always comes with a video for understandable concept.