Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hatomugi Skin Conditioner 500ml

This is a lotion that can act as a moisturizer for face & body. Recently, my hands skin are very dry because I have OCD to wash my hands & work in cold air-conditioned room afterwhat. I need something to moisturize it, but not sticky like a hand cream. When I found this at Aeon Mall BSD (to buy big sale Osewaya's earrings), I tried to put the lotion on my hand. It feels hydrating, cooling off, a good item. And in the end, I bought the full 500ml bottle for Rp 98.500,-! It's quite a deal.

Hatomugi Keshou Mizu (Pearl barley lotion)

Hatomugi or coix seed or Job's-tears is the name of Chinese medicinal material. Full description about hatomugi is here. Either way, the beneficial for skin is to help relieving swelling and inflammation caused by mastitis. It can be eaten as food because it's also famous as Chinese Pearl Barley. And in some culture, the seed is used as a bead to make jewelry.

Packaged with a small spray bottle for travelling / to use as a mist.


This toner lotion contains hydrating Job's tears extract to tone and adjust the skin's condition and restore moisture. Richly moisturizing, yet never sticky, this toner nourishes irritated, dry skin, returning it to a refreshed, smooth condition. Reduces inflammation after sunburn and firms tired skin. Suitable for use on both the body and face. Best used after bathing. Unscented, contains no dyes.


- As a very lightweight, face and body moisturising fluid that absorbs easily into the skin, dries quickly and feels like nothing once dry
- As a mask. Simply soak a few cotton pads with this Hatomugi Skin Conditioner and layer these pads around the face. Allow to rest for 5-10 minutes.
- Applied to soothe sunburned or stressed skin. Decanted into a clean spritzer bottle and used as a soothing face and body mist for a cooling and hydrating effect on hot day.
- It can be used as part of your greater skincare regime for the long term to improve your skin’s level of Hyaluronic Acid which in turn has an effect on skin cell renewal, skin clarity and anti-aging.

Do not use in the case of injury, swelling, acnes, etc. Discontinue use if redness, swelling, achieves occurs on the skin after using the product after exposed to sunlight. Consult a dermatologist immediately.


Function AcneIrritantSafety 
Water Solvent

Butylene Glycol Solvent
1 0
Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate Anti-inflammatory

Coix lacryma-jobi Moisturizer

Styrene/acrylates copolymer

Dipropylene glycol Solvent

Alcohol Solvent

Citric Acid pH Adjusters

Sodium Citrate pH Adjusters

Methylparaben Preservative 0 0
Propylparaben Preservative 0 0


After knowing the facts that it helps hydrating my hand, I immediately grabbed one to buy. At home, I tried using it with cotton pad and left it for a few seconds until I got it through my entire face. It feels refreshing & cooling. The liquid is quickly absorbed to the skin and I think it's thanks to alcohol ingredient in it. But I don't think I can use a product with alcohol too much because it always gives me acne (see the chart above with acne remark). I feel it after using twice a day, so I better use it once a day and it works well.

It helps moisturizing my face before putting on makeup. After I put powder on top, it doesn't crack a lot like usual. Plus, it brightens face! This product is really great. The spray bottle can be used when you feel your skin is burnt and just spray it. But since I'm lazy to bring anything when going out, I'm just using this Hatomugi at home whenever I feel my skin is dry. And in the end, I rarely use it on my body since once again, LAZY. I always wash my hands and it'll be a waste after putting this liquid. It's also quick to dry and very comfortable.

You can watch this recommendation of strong summer base make by Haruka (haruxnyan) using Hatomugi Skin Conditioner & Skin Conditioning Gel and puchipura (puchi/petite=small, pura=price, or drugstore) brands:

 Skin Conditioning Gel or Hoshitsu Jeru (Pearl Barley Moisturizing Gel) is in the container. Sadly, it doesn't get through here. Haruka said that Hatomugi is in rave on Instagram lately. Just saw this video after I bought & had been using Hatomugi for a week. Glad I bought it because it's also in rave right now. Although it's already sold at SaSa since 1-2 years ago.


  1. Have you tried 'ALBION Skin Conditioner'? Does it have the same effect like ALBION?
    Thanks xo

    1. Unfortunately, I haven't tried any Albion skincare. But according to, I think for people who are worried about rough skin & acne problem is better to use Albion. Albion has floral scent and less oil after usage according to its chart but it's expensive.

  2. Di BSD belinya dimana mba? Aku penasaran mau cobain karena kulit aku tipe yang kering. Thanks :)

    1. Aku cuma baru nemu di Aeon supermarket bagian beauty lantai paling bawah. Tapi itu juga sekarang udah tinggal sedikit ga tau akan stock lagi / tidak.

  3. Hai, salam kenal...
    Sempat searching ingredients Hatomugi keluar deh artikel ini, di Aeon sdah ada dari bulan desember ya? karena aku tinggal di Jaktim dan baru melihat ini baru-baru ini dan stock barangpun sangat dikit. Aku membeli di Guardian btw...

    Kindly visit and Follback my Blog :) Thank You....

    1. Okay. Follback done, thank you.

      Salam kenal juga. Iya Hatomugi sekarang sudah ada di Guardian. Di Guardian Jakarta juga sudah banyak kok. Mungkin nanti stocknya akan bertambah.

      Pakai Hatomugi ini dengan cara tuang ke kapas seperti masker itu bikin segar wajah. Lalu biasanya kalau mau pergi kerja, aku selalu semprotin Hatomugi ini sebelum pakai make-up.