Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar #4 Coffee Bronze

As promised, I bought Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar in no.4 Coffee Bronze. I actually bought the other shade, no.1 Humming Coral through 2 months PO, so still waiting for it. Of course I'll post another review for Humming Coral later. This time, it is about Coffee Bronze.

The tube color is supposed to be bronze like the bullet. But this is the actual color on eyes.

This item is also popular because of Descendants of the Sun K-drama. I think Song Hye Kyo used Humming Coral as her eyeshadow in the drama. But the other famous shade is Coffee Bronze. Even found a Japanese (yes, this eyeshadow is famous in Japan too) wearing this shade. Well, part of it is because Coffee Bronze is a natural daily shade and doesn't look to much for work.

Same as its name, this eyeshadow comes like the Two Tone Lip Bar's packaging like a lipstick tube with two colors in the same tube. One of it is a highlight color and the other one is the main color. I have done some research earlier and I think no.2 Golden Rose has similar shade with Coffee Bronze but unnoticeable on eyelid. So in the end, I chose Coffee Bronze.

Complete Coffee Bronze Two Tone Shadow Bar look with Two Tone Lip Bar in Dear Pink like Lee Sung Kyung wore.

Point 1: Two Tone Chemistry
Completes fun and new Two Tone Chemistry through the sparkling combination of Two Color X Two Texture.

Point 2: Artistic Gradation
Completes natural gradation through oblique cutting that embodies the know-how of the artists.

Point 3: Sparkling Two Tone Spring Look
Glamorous and deep makeup! Two Tone Gradation completes glamorous spring look.

1. Easy and Quick Two Tone Blending  
Perfect combination of point color that naturally tints the skin and shimmer lighting pearl base that illuminates skin! Two Tone Shadow Stick expresses even more attractive eye makeup with Two Tone Gradation.

2. Artistic color match covers from daily makeup to smoky makeup~
Artist’s color blending know-how for natural eye makeup. Optimal Two Tone color combination.

3. Quick Touch Gradation
Exclusive oblique cutting complete’s artist’s natural auto gradation

4. Smoothly applied creamy texture
Creamy texture without powder floating :including aloe-vera powder for sensitive eyes, it makes skin around the eyes moisturized and glowing ~



Based on the website, it also can be used as highlighter for the highlight color part. And specially for Humming Coral, the coral shade can be used as a blusher. For Coffee Bronze, I don't think greyish brown color will be suitable as a blush. I do think the glitter creme part in Coffee Bronze is suitable as a highlighter, but not for daily as it contains gold sparkles. Well, it just looks gold when looking up close. From afar, it will be a casual glow though.

Now, I will open the box. The cap is in rose-metalic color, while Two Tone Lip Bar is silver. The stick is creamy, but doesn't look dry.

The cream shadow can be easily applied on my lid. Too bad because this is very creamy, it can create a line on my double lid. I found that using powder on top of the eyeshadow on my lid like the web's tip can minimize the appearance of that eyelid line. But the powder will only maintain for just around 3 hours. The rest is, I must use tissue to remove the line.

Only applied on right eye (left in the picture).

I found that blending the shadow is more natural for daily look rather than unblended. And I like to use my finger for shorter time needed. I do think the way to achieve the color like the ads picture is by swipe the main color again along the eyeline. So I tried to not blend the highlight and main color on second attempt. It turns out doesn't have too much differences.

This is unblended Two Tone Shadow Bar Coffee Bronze. When my eyes were open, the bronze color could be well seen. Also used as a highlighter on T & C-zone and chin.

This is when I don't blend the highlight & main color. On the right picture, the eyelid line can be seen after a few hours applying. Didn't use the highlighter on my face though.

As for the bronze color, I rarely buy this kind of color so I'm satisfied. Rather than looking too deep, I think this Coffee Bronze's shade is more suitable for daily and cool look. I'd love to wear it, especially if I must go out in a hurry. And the highlight color is useful to create plump eyes. It is one of my favorite highlighter for eyes, after my Coffret D'or Full Smile Eyes in Apricot Beige.

+ Compact eyeshadow that can be brought anywhere.
+ Natural color for all shades.
+ Can be used as a highlighter, or even blusher!
+ Easy to create gradation on eyes. Just choose to blend for natural look or unblended for deeper look.
+ The highlight color is very good because it can create plump eyes nicer than a few eyeshadows I owned.
+ Does not irritate eyes. But it's quite dangerous to put a stick directly to eyehole, rather than using brush. So be careful when applying the highlighter on undereyes.
- Very Expensive.
- The creamy type doesn't last long. Though it doesn't smudge on me, it created an obvious eyelid line.
- Still rarely found here. And it can be replaced by many eyeshadows out there just to get two colors.

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