Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Blue Gloss!?

Do you know about blue lipgloss? After Canmake Your Lip Only Gloss in black (limited), Japan is in rave for blue lipgloss. It gives blue sparkling shines, which is different than pink or red. The famous & expensive blue gloss is from RMK Lip Jelly Gloss #03 Baby Blue for 2,376Y on the picture below:

The lipgloss won Best Cosme Award 2016.

But don't worry. Coupy Design by Decora Girl also produced blue lipgloss. In darker shade though. But still has similar sparkles for 1,296Y. You can watch Sara Sawano Youtube for Coupy Design Milkyway Blue Lipgloss:

Details of the product is here.

If you do think that Coupy Design's blue is not suitable for yourself, Mikipon has made a DIY blue lipgloss video below:

This is very easy. Only need blue eyeshadow (she used DAISO Ellefar Pearl in Eyeshadow blue variation), a clear lipgloss, and tissue or anything to hold the eyeshadow powder.

That's it for the latest information about Japan's culture. I will update more if I find anything else. Oh yeah, in case you have enough time and a creative person, you can watch Surero's channel DIY Konnyaku-batake Jelly Resin Charm here:

It looks simple, but needs enough tools & creativity. I don't think I can find the beads, dry flowers, jelly resin easily here. Just want to show you how good she made it like a pro.

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