Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Canmake Your Lip Only Gloss #01 with SPF15 / PA+

Your Lip Only Gloss is a popular lipgloss from Canmake that can change lip color to create your own lipgloss according to moisture. The color is bluish red / pink, but it depends on the situation & pigmentation on your lips. That's why the tag is "a lip color that's unique to you". More detail is on the website. There are three colors right now, 01 is a clear gloss that will turn blue-ish red/pink, 02 is the same color as 01 but with glitter, and 03 is a purple/ darker pink shade. There is a limited 04 Black Change color that will turn your lips/lipstick to darker color (ex: if your lipstick is cherry red, it will turn to plum red by topping with the lipgloss).

But it's a limited edition and already unsold, except if try looking on some online shop. But if you still want it, Coupy Design still has some or try the jet black one also from Coupy. And Kanebo KATE has also launched a new Color Sensor Lip Tint that has black shade.-Should I say I'm interested to buy one is RS-1 and the new eyeshadow Dark Night Glow? And somewhile ago there are black, blue, and yellow lipgloss trend in Japan.

Your Lip Only Gloss #01 color is adding just the right touch of gloss and complexion which creates natural lip. As the web suggested, beware that it will stain your clothes since it's also works as a tint. By some different environment, the liquid in tube will change to pink but it doesn't have effect to the quality.

I don't know why the design is different than the usual Canmake. It is more adult-like with many kinds of flower picture and white-soft pink base color.

I don't have any problem with the unique Canmake's tube. It is detailed with black lace pattern but I can clearly see the inside. As you can see, the brush is pink, the same as actual color on lips, but it depends on the natural moisture. I think for some dry & cracked lips, the color will look sheer-er than moisturized lips.


Left : lip gloss swatch, right : blended. It has pink tint, but slightly unvisible on my hand. Either way, it is glossy.

On lips. I don't know why the bottom left picture doesn't show the color. Maybe because it's only a few seconds after putting the gloss. It haven't get absorbed yet.

The lipgloss doesn't have scent/taste and it's good. It feels sticky but will disappear like a normal lipgloss after an hour. And after some swatches, it will give tinted look, darker than before but still follows the first color. The actual feeling when wearing this is the same as Canmake Lip Tint Syrup (btw, the Lip Tint Syrup is also available here now). So far, I think the Lip Tint Syrup's variant color is more to my liking than Your Lip Only Gloss. So I would prefer Lip Tint Syrup.

First swatch. It will look like natural pink with glossy finish.

Outdoor after 3-4 swatches.

Indoor after washing/rubbing off twice with water only and re-applied a few times. I think it's already 9 hours and I was very tired (the weather was hot). Skip at looking on my puffy & red eyes. After the color becomes darker, it's similar to BEYOND Alice in Glow Oil Tint #4 Burgundy.

+ Unique lipgloss with unique own color. But it's not that new because a few brands have already done the same first.
+ Gives tinted color after a few swatches.
+ At first swatch, it looks very natural. Like my own pink lips.
+ Doesn't have scent & taste.
+ The brush is soft & easy to use.
+ Affordable price like Canmake's usual lipgloss.
+ Does not leave stain on glass. It leaves transparent gloss though, but with no color.
- Not every Canmake counter sell it. Only found it at Matahari Dept Store Taman Anggrek.
- The gloss will disappear after an hour. Though it will leave tinted lips.

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