Saturday, July 9, 2016

BCL Browlash EX Slim Gel Pencil Liner #Brown

BCL is a makeup brand from Japan. Comes here by the famous Browlash EX for eye makeup. BCL actually has Clear Last and Tsururi as their famous makeup brand other than Browlash EX. Don't forget the Lovetulle long / volume mascara which has scent. I have black Slim Gel Liner from Visee so I wish another gel pencil in brown color. Browlash EX Slim Gel Pencil Liner Brown is a 2mm gel liner in round shape.

This gel liner will draw line soft & smooth as a gel because of the ultra-fine 2mm core. It will be easy to draw through the eyelashes because the bullet is hard but the gel is very pigmented. Water, sebum, and sweat resistant to keep the beautiful line throughout the day. Gentle to the eye with the natural brown color.

I don't have too many picture of it because it only comes in a simple packaging. And guess what? The same incident happened as my Visee. I broke 2cm of Visee Slim Gel Liner and now, I broke all the pencil shape while taking picture! But worry not because I can still use it very well thanks to the retractable pencil type, unlike Visee.

Swatches on hand & eyeline:

Upon using the gel eyeliner, I don't find it hard to tightline between my upper lashes. This type of gel liner is easier to use rather than Visee because the shape is hard but smooth finish and not too thin (Visee's diameter is 1,5mm). The color is dark brown so it will be similar to black by more than 2 strokes. But I find it different to use a dark brown color because it gives more natural look than harsh black.

This Browlash EX Slim Gel Pencil Liner is really waterproof. I can't put it off on hand even though I have rubbed many times with Kracie facewash, except if I rubbed with nails and it hurts. It can only be removed easily by Bifesta Cleansing Lotion, or any makeup remover. Other than that, at working time after 5 hours, the tail from the eyeliner smudged a little bit but it's still natural enough because it was only disappeared for a bit.

+ Gel liner is easier to glides on smoothly on skin.
+ The not too thin diameter gives easier hold of drawing a line.
+ Stays for a long time & waterproof!
+ Surprisingly, Visee gel liner emptied faster because the gel is too soft. BCL has stronger gel so the bullet stays longer.
+ 2mm is thin enough to draw a winged shape eyeline without too noticeable line.
- Expensive, around Rp 160.000,-? But it's the same price as Visee.
- Easy to break if retracted too much but I still think BCL's bullet is stronger than Visee

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