Monday, July 11, 2016

L'oreal Paris Color Riche Extraordinaire #101 Rose Melody & #102 Rose Finale

I found this old liquid rouge on a few Youtube channels such as haruxnyan, SekineRisa, Momopiyo, and Sara Sawano as summer color makeup theme. I've been in lost to choose between 101 Rose Melody that Sekine Risa wore or 102 Rose Finale in Sara Sawano video. But finally got the 102 Rose Finale because I want an obvious rouge and confused if 101 Rose Melody would be too sheer like the Shine Caresse Tint. Though in the end, I finally grabbed the 101 later. This liquid rouge is already available since 2014 or before, though. But I just found it lately from Youtube. I'm glad I bought Shine Caresse Tint, but I don't like the smell. It's acid-y and a bit sour on my tongue. That weird sensation gives me the urge to try another liquid rouge / lip gloss from L'oreal.

This is claims as richer than a lipstick, shinier than a gloss, and smoother than a lipbalm. The Extraordinaire type actually has a matte liquid rouge, but I chose glossy finish since I like it more. Colour Riche Extraordinaire has revolutionised lip colour with a liquid lipstick developed with micro oils. While traditional lipsticks use waxes that can dull colour, oils infuse with colour pigments to reveal their full richness and reflect light for extraordinairy depth, shine and nourishment.

102 Rose Finale

When Sara Sawano channel upload her makeup with this Extraordinaire liquid rouge, I was tempted to buy it because I saw the formula might be better than Shine Caresse. 102 Rose Finale is a milky pink finish, similar to Innisfree Real Fluid Rouge #1.

102 Rose Finale Swatch on hand

Meanwhile 101 Rose Melody is a pale pink, almost transparent color. The Rose Melody does look like a lipgloss since it's very sheer.

101 Rose Melody

Packaging... I think the golden & square tube is similar to YSL Pur Couture Glossy Stain or whatsoever it is. If you look at the Japanese web chart, Rose Finale is this color:

A bit exaggerating since the actual color doesn't look light & transparent such as this. But the pale pink color is true. It is under blue undertone without coral at all. Very similar to Innisfree Real Fluid Rouge #1.

This lipgloss (I don't put it under lipstick tag because it is glossy, liquid-y, and doesn't stay long) will cover the entire lips color so don't afraid about darker lips being seen. Has sweet scent, candy-like, that is very similar to Innisfree Real Fluid Rouge or other Innisfree liquid lip. Sadly, doesn't stay for a long time. But it won't accentuate chapped lips thanks to glossy formula like a lipgloss.

101 Rose Melody & 102 Rose Finale

101 Rose Melody & 102 Rose Finale Swatches on hand
I said I grabbed the 101 later after 102. Too bad I bought the old product from 2014 manufacturing date. While 102 has candy-like scent, 101 already mixed with stainless and it's suck. That's very funny since I bought 102 online and 101 at counter and it's the oldest.

101 Rose Melody:

102 Rose Finale:

Extraordinaire series has exceeded my expectation about L'oreal product. So far, I don't have any bad experience using this brand makeup. Either the concealer nor the lipstick gives me bad impression. But I haven't tried on the base makeup yet or their skincare. I'm actually interested for Lumi Magique Foundation. Maybe later. I have too many base products now and haven't emptied either one of it except my go-to-trash Etude House BB cream...

101 Rose Melody

102 Rose Finale. I think in dark place, these two shades are similar.

+ A glossy finish but rich texture.
+ Doesn't accentuate dry area.
+ Moisturized lips well from the inside.
+ Natural & pretty color.
+ Sweet candy-like scent, except if it's already too old.
+ The applicator is easy to use even though it is a liquid type.
+ Not too expensive.
+ Liquid lipstick but dried as a fitting lipgloss that is not too sticky. Similar to Innisfree Real Fluid Rouge.
- Doesn't stay long and doesn't act as a lip stain.

 Bonus Pict. At Aeon Mall BSD City. I don't look good with dolls. And, I've told you that my legs are whiter than my face, right? This is the proof even though I've put on makeup. I rarely wear skirt / shorts. That's why my legs' skintone doesn't get affected by sunlight like my face. Wearing #101 Rose Melody and it was captured like a lipgloss huh.

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