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Canmake Flaring Curl Mascara #01 Chocola Black, Lip & Cheek Gel #03 Raspberry Float with SPF24 / PA+

Flaring Curl Mascara is said to create perfect curl with long lasting staying power. The color is not real black, but a brown that's virtually deep black. There is only one color, the Chocola Black. And Lip & Cheek Gel is like an improved formula from Cream Cheek. It's still can be used on both cheek & lips like the previous product.

01. Canmake Flaring Curl Mascara #01 Chocola Black

Flaring Curl Mascara is a brown black mascara that won't be too strong as black. It is used to maintain curl & long lashes all day. Contains silky gel to eliminate clumping and create luxuriant, perfectly separated lashes. The smooth fluid contains black fibers, to add lenght to the tips of your lashes.

This mascara packaging is quite cute. A pink plastic, mixed with chocolate theme. It's like a cake. Chocola Black color mascara is softer than black, clearer than brown. A chic, ladylike color that gives your eyes a sophisticatedly understated look.

Because this mascara is a long & curl type, the wand has separated bristles & curved brush.

1. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler.
2. Swirl the brush inside the container to coat it with the fluid.
3. Placing the inside of the curve of the brush against the roots of your lashes, push upward and hold for 3 seconds to give the curl supreme staying power!
4.Sweep the brush smoothly in a straight line from the roots to the tips of your lashes.
The key is to ensure that you don't use a zig-zag motion or apply too many layers ♥』
★★ On days when you want a bit more volume, you can create a wider-eyed look by applying extra layers ♥

Fibers everywhere. It seems brown here.

The mascara is a bit dry and the black fibers often fell. The first time I used it, black fibers fell off everywhere on my cheeks. But after I swatched for 2nd use, it doesn't anymore. So better remove the fallen fibers with tissue on first usage.

Can you see it? My right eye has longer lashes. I used it there.

Used on both eyes.

As I've told, the mascara is dry. It is similar to Maybelline Big Eyes. This mascara is waterproof but I can remove easily with Bifesta Cleansing Lotion. I feel it can lenghten my lashes but not volumizing, even a little bit. Flaring Curl Mascara can separate lashes well, but since it's to lenghtening, it doesn't appear too visible, especially in a photo. I'd still prefer my Gokubuto more than this one. Even though Gokubuto can be sticky sometimes, it can also lenghten my lashes well enough and visible. My lashes still looks like it's wearing a black mascara rather than brown.

+ Create long lashes and holds curl the entire day.
+ The black is not too strong so maybe it doesn't get too visible of wearing a mascara.
+ Waterproof but easy to removed.
+ Not expensive.
+ Gives natural longer lashes.
- It doesn't volumizing so beware that it's a natural mascara that won't be noticeable.
- Often find a fallen fiber(s).
- Similar to Maybelline Big Eyes with cheaper price.

02. Canmake Lip & Cheek Gel #03 Raspberry Float with SPF24 / PA+

Lip & Cheek Gel is like an upgraded formula from Cream Cheek, with glossier finish. It declared has a superb staying power that melts in an instant. Also, it contains SPF, beautifying and moisturizing ingredients. The Raspberry Float I picked is a bluish pink that creates a bright, glamorous finish. I chose Raspberry Float because I don't have Cream Cheek in that color. And since there are only 3 colors at the moment (1-3), I think I better choose 2 or 3. I was a bit afraid of orange color so it's 3 in the end.

Size is very small. But comes with mirror on top. It makes applying easier because of the mirror included.


The Lip & Cheek Gel is slightly glossier than Cream Cheek. I can feel it more on cheek. It becomes glowy even though I used powder! An excellent product. Too bad the size is smaller than Cream Cheek. As on lips, it will look glossy for a moment and turns to matte like Cream Cheek. I think I like using it more on lips rather than Cream Cheek.

On hand. Look at those gloss.

On lips. A pretty pale pink shade.

On cheek & lips. Love this color so much! I think I love it more than Cream Cheek CL01.

Staying power on cheeks is pretty good. I can see it keeps glowing all day. On lips, the color sticks well on it but the gloss disappears. Though it's also easy to removed because it isn't a tinted gloss. Doesn't have scent or taste. Overall, I like Lip & Cheek Gel better than Cream Cheek, or even more for Visee Lip & Cheek Cream. This one glides better on my finger, create glowy cheeks, and stays longer on lips.

Using Canmake Flaring Curl Mascara & Lip & Cheek Gel #03 on both cheeks & lips.

Using Flaring Curl Mascara & Lip & Cheek Gel #03 on cheeks. Lips is using Your Lip Only Gloss #01. Took it after going home so messy makeup.

Using Canmake Flaring Curl Mascara & Lip & Cheek Gel #03 on both cheeks & lips. My lip is very dry because I lack Vit E after holiday. They're hurting so much.

Using Canmake Flaring Curl Mascara & Lip & Cheek Gel #03 on cheeks & lips, but lips is topped in the middle with  Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm Tease and they looks similar to Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar #Pink Salmon!

+ Glides on smoothly & easily on finger & cheeks.
+ Doesn't have taste / scent.
+ Good staying power, even on lips.
+ Glossy finish on cheeks.
+ Cute packaging complete with mirror.
+ Moisturizing.
+ Not expensive (about the same price as Cream Cheek).
- Smaller than Cream Cheek, but it's okay.

Using on both lips & cheeks.

Some of my pictures are using Osewaya Fairy-Fairy tale fantasy earrings. The base drawing looks like this, but with non-pierce earring type:

The fairy drawing is the same, without 2 stars and non-pierced type without metal hook. And guess what? I bought at Eid Mubarak sale for Rp 30.000,- all items!!!

Look at this Ray Magazine cover photo for August 2016:
 Kiritani Mirei & Yamazaki Kento on top!-"Heroine Shikkaku" live action vibes? Or the latest "Sukina Hito ga Iru Koto"?

Also for non-no August 2016, Kiritani Mirei again:
Mirei is very pretty. She was born in the same year as me. I'm older by 3 months though...

UPDATE on August 8! I bought Ray August 2016 edition! Just have 4 pages interview of Mirei & Kento's role in Sukina Hito ga Iru koto. Sorry I don't have scanner so just took some pictures.

Cute Mirei & Kento ^ ^

I like Mirei in this picture. "Ne-, ne-, ne-, nee-- tte ba" It actually reflected on how Misaki's character need attention from Kanata. So cuteee...

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