Saturday, August 15, 2015

Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack #Sexy Red

This lip tint pack is pretty famous now. Berrisom is another innovative brand from Korea, used a lip tattoo-kind of how to use. If you applied this lip tint, it will create jelly-like texture on lips. But you must open the gel (peeling) after it dried off, leaving a stain on your lips. And that's what the color payoff. Even though most of it has bold color, after leaving a stain, it will be natural. Actually, they produced makeup, skincare, hair & body care too. But surely, their most famous product right now is this lip tint pack (or maybe, with their art mask?). This one is Sexy Red, gives pure burgundy red tinted lips that will suit white skin. I know, I'm into red right now.

Why did I purchase this lip tint? Actually, I didn't get why this thing are in hype. The application was about 10 minutes before I could put the top gel off from my lips. That took a long time. Also, I read some of reviewers didn't like that their lips couldn't catch its stain. I was afraid if it wouldn't leave me some stain. I didn't want to follow every Korean style, anyway. But then, I found Japan Vloggers were also using this and felt excited (see Mikashindate). Her lips got very pretty after using it, so I decided to try.

This is Mikashindate vlog on Youtube.

There are many fake Berrisom products out there. The price range is around Rp 150.000 - Rp 200.000 each tube (or USD 10.87 - USD 14.50). The fake ones are sold half of its price or below. Let's see from the front picture (see my first picture). It has code mark on the upper tube (the FA068 text), right? The fake doesn't have a number printed.

And let's go to the back. It has expired date (20170122), the white line after expired date, and the seal sticker between tube and cap. Fake product doesn't have it. The tube is very tiny, only 15 gram. I thought it would be longer like a BB cream tube, at least Japanese BB cream. But it's not. The size is only fit my palm. I now know why the expired date after opening the tube is only 6 months. It won't last that long with this tiny tube for everyday usage.

This tube application is similar to lipgloss in tube (Many Japanese lipglosses are in tube like this).

During application, I found it's hard to stay it clean along my upper and lower lip line. But anyway, as long as it's on my lips, the messy gel finish won't give problem. Because its texture is gel-like, it will become messy and sticky. I should put it faster before it have dried out.

Sorry, this was my first time applying it. It's very messy and too thin. I had hard time pulling this off and must rubbing to leave it as stain because it didn't stick well between each other. I also had a hard time to close my lips because it felt very sticky. I'm afraid if I close my lips, it will stick to each other and some might come off before leaving a stain. You can see that my right lower lip doesn't have edge so it's the most messy. Remember that I had accident with a dentist last year, causing burnt from chemical reaction? The post about it is here. This is the result. I can't see the line very well, so I often put messy lipstick there and must put it off with tissue.

But, but then! Even though I had a messy application, after waiting for 10 minutes, it left this stain! A burgundy red stain that mixed well unto my lips. It could hide my dark color on upper lip too. And had its own gradation. I think for my lips, it does a great job.

So the below picture is when I put the lip tint right from its pack:

It's very messy! I won't be able to put it clean.

And then, after I peeled off the gel:

If you wonder if it isn't too bold, I've tried to wait over 10 minutes. I put it when my lips was dehydrated, so it hurted a bit when peeling it off. But it's only just for half an hour. Below is after I have waited for around 15-20 mins and it stayed for more than 4 hours after eating & drinking (I ate chicken steak with french fries and that must be full of oil, right?) :

Isn't the left picture can tell that the lip tint color can be bold? I think it will stay for a long time. And for moisturizing finish, I'll put lipbalm / lipgloss over it. Oh yeah, the right picture is after I ate & drank, plus rubbed it with water a bit to clean some oil. If you only use tissue, I think it won't disappear that much. I think I like the first time applying color, though, rather than too bold like this.

I'm satisfied about this product. It stays longer than what I've expected and it has pretty color. Later, I will repurchase another color, for example Pure Pink and Sexy Red. I'm excited to see the cute color from this range, will it be different in term of payoff? For some people, 10 minutes waiting time is a problem. But not for me. I usually don't go right away after putting makeup. And for the price, I think it's worth it. It doesn't transfer to glass, etc. But if I lick my lips, the taste is a bit sour and weird. Anyway, the taste will disappear after I ate. Too bad, it's very tiny, though. I was a bit surprise about that. Be careful when you buy it. Just buy from a trusted seller and be cautious from its price.

I've tried wearing it to work. It stays well if I'm not rubbing with water or tissue. The color didn't come off even if I ate my doughnut for lunch (yeah, I'm weird. That's my lunch).

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