Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bourjois Effet Smoky Pencil #75 Intense Black & Emina Cheeklit Cream Blush #Pink

I'm back to reviewing. I know it's strange for me to decided purchasing smoky eye pencil and Indonesia's cosmetic brand. But despite that, I think the price is not too expensive and I wanted to try something new. Speaking of smokey eyes, my mind goes to Kristen Stewart. I know, I don't have her beautiful crease. But at least, I wanted to try improving my own skill on makeup. \(^^)/  In the end, my online shopping website is back to Sociolla.

1. Bourjois Effet Smoky Pencil #75 Intense Black

In  the beginning, I wanted to buy the brown color, because I need brown eyeliner. I thought I could use this pencil as a normal liner too. Yeah, it could, but it's too creamy and intense. Sadly, due to bad internet connection at my office, when I thought I had chose brown, I still got black. This Effet Smoky Pencil has soft, easy-to-blend tip that glides along the lashline for an intense outline in one stroke. The ultra soft brush is made of natural bristles, perfectly smudges the formula. The result : a subtle but incredibly sexy smoky look in just two steps!

Actually, I never had done smokey eyes before. Never learnt how to do it, and decided to buy a smokey pencil based on impulse buying. But I need to try something new, that I will turn 26 in a few days ahead, or I'll stuck in here. I decided to learn how to do smokey look in Youtube and tried a simple smokey eyes makeup with only this pencil. My mind went to this pencil because the brush is included. But I had no idea what the brush is supposed to do. The first time I tried smudging with its brush, the bristle was very hard and painful on my crease. But then, I tried to softened it up by fingers and it turned softer in no time. The pencil is creamy and easy to glides on my crease, didn't stick on my lashes. And it has pretty smudges, anyway. The result is exactly what I thought about smokey eyes. It has a pencil-like smell and not bothering me.

But too bad, because of creamy and soft texture, it's easy to be erased a.k.a. not waterproof. Although it can stand pretty on my eyecreases for more than 5 hours, with a little bit smudging on the outer corner of my eyes. The smudging black were still on my creases, though.

Now, let's see the result of my simple, newbie smokey eyes look:

For this smokey eyes purposes, I drew my eyebrows a bit stronger and high-arched than usual. A bit messy because it's my first time doing smokey eyes. I used my Kose Fasio Shade Trick Eye BL-2 highlighter for browbone and my inner corner eyes. Just that. The rest of it were all from this smoky pencil. Oh, I used KATE Black Feather Lash Mascara for more dramatic look.

2. Emina Cheeklit Cream Blush #Pink

Emina is a fresh and new brand from Indonesia. Lately, we are in rave about Korean style, cute and pink packaging. So many new brands are decided to follow the trend. It claims to be a cream blush that will enhances your cheek natural glow and makes it "Wow". It contains squalane (that's one of Japan's favorite formula) to moisturize and color enhance technology, so no worry for over-blushing. Available in two colors, pink and peach. This blusher has a cute picture, right? The girl looks like a school girl, because they intended to create a cheap and easy-to-use cosmetic for teen. It costs Rp 30.000 or USD 2.16 for this one blush. Very cheap, huh? This blush will change color once already blended on skin. Let's see, one-by one.

 It's all in soft purple color, from box to tube.

What's surprising me is, the tube is similar to the famous Japanese's lipglosses, although it's also in many countries. But it's the most popular type in Japan. From the tube, you can tell that the smell is strong powder-like fragrance. It's a soft scent, but because it's too strong, my nose feels itchy before and after applying. The strong scent stays for a long time too. Well, it's okay. I like the smell, even though I can't stand any fragrances.

See? The blush is white, but after blending, it turns pink. Be careful not too apply too much or too slow for blending, or it will look like clown. And despite they used term "cream", it's a liquid. The cream blusher is like Canmake Cream Cheek, Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color, or Visee Lip & Cheek Cream. This is definitely liquid and water-y.

This blusher stands for a looooong time! Definitely good. Because liquid or cream blusher tends to spread easily on skin, and fast to disappear. I can't erase it with only a handsoap. I must use makeup remover, or facewash with it (Kracie Naive or Hada Labo Tamagohada). Please be careful when using it. This cream blush can be very bold and strong colored. But when applied correctly, it looks pretty and soft. I will repurchase as it's very beautiful (too bad, only two colors are available for now) and cheap.

With all products described above.

I'm bad at explaining and I can't make tutorial for this easy smudging. I'll learn how to create beautiful smokey eyes and will keep on studying. Anyway, many smokey eyes tutorial used eyeshadow for more deeper and intense look. Basically, I dislike using too many colors. It takes time and effort, also money to buy more product. I like using single product to do it. And by using Bourjois Effet Smoky Pencil, I think I can create beautiful smokey eyes look. But one thing is, I must study well for the best smokey shape for my eyes. As for Emina, I like this brand. I will think 10x to buy Beauty Story because of its price, but Emina has more generous price. For Indonesian brand, it keeps improving. Need to produce more colors (not only bold, but soft, so people who like different makeup look can buy it too), cute packaging, reasonable price, and creative items. But be careful. Because it's a liquid type, similar to water, if blended on a non-waterproof creamy foundation, it will break.


  1. Thank you for this review..especially for Cheek Lit packaging comments as I’m the one who designed it :) Anyway, reviews about Emina cosmetics are very useful to me as I’m currently updating my design portfolio and Korean trend was actually objective for the whole Emina packaging range :)

    1. Whoaa. Thank you for commenting on my blog. It's my pleasure. Your designs are very cute & loveable. The color & lining were suitable for teenagers as the brand's main target.