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Canmake Blessed Natural Primer with SPF25 / PA++

Let's try Canmake's primer! I've tried their powder and BB cream, but I haven't tried their primer yet. This time, I bought Canmake Blessed Natural Primer. It claims as a makeup lotion with a super comfortable texture that cares for your skin. This is a base cream with skincare approach; with sunscreen, daytime moisturizing serum, makeup base, and light foundation functions. It's not waterproof so can be easily washable. Blessed Natural Primer only has one color, Natural, that will easily grow accustomed to the skin and cover dullness naturaly. It will blur the pores with its soft focus powder. So don't worry, because the color will blend unto any skintone.

Packaging is a bit more girly than usual. The plastic box is cuter than any other Canmake I had. I love this kind of soft pink and this color also represented the "natural" element in it.

The ingredient list.

Now, let's see the tube itself. The color is very pretty, flowery, and has many ornaments. Although the size is smaller than its BB cream, I think it's already enough because I only need a few of it as a base. I've always wanted to try Canmake's primer because I've never tried Japanese primer before. And Canmake is the most affordable than another brand, although I'm also curious on how KATE's Snow Skin CC Base or Flat Skin Base would do. And I thought I'd try Canmake Mermaid Skin Gel UV. But as usual, latest product is in Japan only.

It's tube type, and thin in reality. And small, only a size of my palm.

After that, it's how the inside of its cap. Same as usual cream tube, huh? But just by smelling near the tube, I could tell the smell was very strong. Unlike usual Japanese cosmetic, which doesn't have scent. The smell is kind of mixed between ginseng and traditional medicinal herb, which is very weird. Some might like it and some don't. For me, I think I can bear it, although I don't like the strong smell. Oh, I think I know some scented mascara from Japan, which is BCL. A Vlogger mentioned BCL's Lovetulle Pure Lush Mascara (either long&curl or volume&curl type) as floral scented. Anyway, they (the scented cosmetic) are very rare in Japan, especially at drugstore price.

With Canmake Blessed Natural Primer, I could try using it as my one and only base makeup, without BB cream or foundation. I think the effect is almost similar to Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur. But Blessed Natural Primer is oilier than Face Blur, it creates almost dewy finish. Of course in term of coverage, Etude wins. But I could see that Canmake Blessed Natural Primer also blurred my imperfections, such as dark spots, acne mark, etc. But it can't cover redness because of sheer coverage. See this picture, when I applied it as a single base makeup:

The after is more glowing. But it can't cover my veins.

Only using this primer alone, without foundation / powder on top. Just curled my eyelashes without mascara and put Nivea lipbalm on lips. This was taken with direct sunlight inside a car so the light was a bit red. Finni couldn't stand her eyes to sleep. My dark circles is obvious here.

On another day, I tried to put it under KATE Powderless Liquid. For me, if a primer can stand with Powderless Liquid on my face, which is hard to be found, then it is very good. This primer is doing good for me after I've tested it with Powderless Liquid. No worries about flaky foundation. I'll definitely repurchase. I've tried many primers below it, from cream type, milk type, to Hada Labo lotion, and everything sink into my smile lines or creates dot / flaky foundation near my nose. For me, I love KATE Powderless and will repurchase if I've finished all these two bottles (one is a free product from my supplier as she didn't know I only ordered one). That's why, I need good primer too as a base for it.

Is it strange that my hand is whiter than my face, even after using KATE Powderless Liquid OC-B? I guess I am too pale... My legs and body, which always covered with leggings and shirts are more white than my hands, though. Using Emina Cheeklit Cream Blush Pink in very bold swatches *shame*. I couldn't control it.

The result for Canmake Natural Blessed Primer under KATE Powderless Liquid for Cover is quite good. It doesn't create flaky areas around nose nor creating obvious smile line. This product can be quite good to use and might use it if I run out of Face Blur and don't have time to repurchase through PO. But well, I have so many base makeup that I wonder when I will finish those all. I hope I won't add anymore base product before I go to Singapore next month, although I really want to buy Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion x Marymond Collaboration because of its case. Sigh, another matte cushion. I have many cushion cases now...

Pros for Canmake Blessed Natural Primer:
- Has normal SPF25 / PA++ as a sunscreen.
- Cute packaging.
- Covers pores & dark spots, a little bit of inactive acne mark.
- Can be used alone as foundation for good skin condition and gives dewy finish.
- Has great moisturizing result, moreover, it can lock my KATE Powderless Liquid all day.

Cons for Canmake Blessed Natural Primer:
- Can't cover redness on my nose and big acne problem.
- The smell isn't nice and too strong, although for just 15 minutes without covering. Will disappear immediately after covering it with another base makeup.

Coffret D'or Autumn Trend Makeup Set 2015-Sightseeing
Beside base makeup, I don't want to buy anymore eyeshadow this year and maybe half a year later, except for Kanebo Coffret D'or Autumn (Aki) Trend Make Set 2015 EX-2 (I'm eye-ing the Soft Glamorous Eyes 06 Purple Variation with Mini Shiny Mascara EX-01 & Mini Premium Stay Rouge EX-101).

The set includes Soft Glamorous Eyes, Shiny Mascara and Premium Stay Rouge. The Premium Stay Rouge is my wishlist from some time ago. I'm glad it's inside the set. Nagasawa Masami wore it all. Where's Nagasaku Hiromi, the lady who is very pretty in 44?? She's my favorite lady. Because of her green eyeshadow, sometimes, I would see Masami's eyebrow in the picture as green-colored too. Weird...

Choose what color you like for autumn/winter. I think I'd prefer purple because I can use it in winter or spring too. For khaki, it would suit autumn best. As for orange, I don't think it'll suit my skintone.

This is Coffret D'or Aki no Trend Make Set 2015. They usually made a autumn set every year. Only autumn. Maybe because they usually produced new product type in spring, then added new color for autumn & winter. The model used EX-3, Brown Variation eyeshadow. Actually, I also want EX-3, but I wonder where to go with the khaki color. I love Coffret D'or. They made high quality product (Coffret D'or is a mid-end brand, below Lunasol, of course. Lunasol's eyeshadow is around ¥5,000, while Coffret D'or¥3,500, and Canmake is below ¥1,000) and sells them in an affordable set every year. If you buy this eyeshadow alone for spring / summer color, it is almost the exact price with the whole set in 3 items. Quite cheap, huh?

Moreover, the color for SS and AW are similar to each other, except for darker tone in AW. The same thing happened for my Autumn Set 2014. Also, a few of their base makeup is sold in limited set with their primer or other item every month. Be sure to try their product, especially the soft-colored eyeshadows (any type) and their famous Smile Up Cheeks blusher that will suit ladies in 20-50. They also made Coffret D'or Gran, a branch from Coffret D'or, that will suit ladies in 50++. The Gran cases are mostly in grand black or dark color with flower-printed, will suit middle-aged women very much. Like this:

Elegant Up Cheeks. The lightest color is a base before using the flower-pattern three colors. Available in pink, coral, and rose.

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