Sunday, May 3, 2015

MAC Frost Lipstick ANGEL

I'm back in April! This post is again, about lipstick. Yeah, I tends to buy lip product more than anything else. But now is about MAC, a New York cosmetic brand. If you need to visit on their website, it is here. I tend to buy Korea / Japan products, but because of watching many tutorials on Youtube using MAC lipstick, moreover when I know that it gives off vanilla scent, I need to try some! I was interested in nude, pink, coral lipstick nowadays because I often watch Japanese makeup tutorial (they often wear cute-girlish color). When my eyes captured the Peach Blossom, I think I must search for it in the counter, so I went to Grand Indonesia shopping mall. I don't want to buy fake product and too lazy to search online shop for it. Also, as I've said, Western brand is everywhere in Indonesia's mall, but not for Eastern. It's easy to find here. Sadly, it's already out of stock, so I went to purchase like the employee suggested, ANGEL.

MAC tends to use black packaging. And what surprised me is, the employees are all male! I don't know why, but I don't feel comfortable if the employee is a man, moreover when I don't buy at counter too often except for Western brands. Anyway, thankfully I got to purchase this ANGEL lipstick. But when I read reviews for ANGEL, most of them didn't like that it's from frost series. I think frost gives shimmers so many people tends to avoid it. What I don't know before purchasing is, this ANGEL is Kim Kardashian's signature lipstick. Uh, I don't know well about her and never watch her series, but I did know her skin color is tan. So if the pink suits tan skin, it must wash off fair skin. That's what I thought before trying it.

This is just the ANGEL lipstick description on MAC website

So, what about the bullet? I don't find any shimmers on bullet. See the picture below:

Well, it might give shimmers when swatch on hand. I have swatch it and thought it's beautiful, even though I also am not a fan of shimmery lipstick. I think this ANGEL is more for a cold tone lipstick than warm. The color is also almost nude with a bit of pink. Although it is shimmery, the lipstick is easy to glides on my lips, similar to creamy texture. Well, I'm a bit confused to choose between ANGEL, Peach Blossom (out of stock), Shanghai Spice, or Japanese Maple. But my sister insisted that pink is more to her preferences. Because Peach Blossom was out of stock that day, I came to grab ANGEL. Though I also want to try Japanese Maple and Peach Blossom too, someday.

When I smell the lipstick, it really gives the vanilla scent. It's so lovely and I'm in love. Though it doesn't give any taste rather than the scent. So, I applied it on my lips and glad that it's very smooth & creamy. I don't see any shimmers on my lips, except that it gives healthy shine. I'm glad because even though I like matte finish, this frost lipstick doesn't give too matte and awaken my face color up. For me, the color is similar to my Max Factor Lipfinity #006 Always Delicate. It's not too cold so I don't look like a sick person (Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick SYR36 Beige Chiffon, which is more cool-tone than ANGEL). But I can wear Laneige sometimes, when I wear bold eye makeup with black liquid liner. And, this is my lips using MAC ANGEL (frost) lipstick:

It might sink into lip lines if my lips is dry. But thankfully, I often put lipbalm on my lips around 2-3 hours a day on weekend so it stays moisturized. Though I didn't put lipbalm before applying this, my lips is still moisturizing enough to wear ANGEL. You can see that the pink is pretty and very girly. I think I'm in love for MAC lipstick for the first time if not for the price (USD 20.00 per tube and my mom will get angry, okay, I didn't tell her the price). As I've said, it looks more creamy than shimmery, but gives nice shine. I'm pretty good with shine, except the shimmery lipstick I bought from Oriflame before. That's untolerable for a lipstick. Wearing time is pretty much the same as every lipstick and easy to transfer.

What I used: Canmake Concealer Foundation UV 02 Light Ochre without base (in a hurry), Canmake Eye Nuance #26 Caramel Biscuit (only dark brown color as eyeliner), Canmake Cream Cheek CL01 Clear Red Heart as blusher, Canmake GOKUBUTO Mascara 01 Black, MAC ANGEL Lipstick. I didn't know I wore many Canmake products before writing it here.

So glad that I give a try for MAC. Even though it's pricey, I don't feel unsatisfied. Will collect some money to purchase other color when I have time, but well, there's still plenty of things I want to try except lipstick. Maybe someday.......


  1. I think this color is perfect for you and make you look beautiful.
    Nice review dear...

    oh,ya i follow you, let's follow each other ^^

    1. Oh, thank you so much. I don't know if it would suit me at first because I just swatched on my hand. Thank God it's a beautiful color.

      Already followed you ^^