Thursday, May 21, 2015

Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain 015 Cherish Devotion & Lacquer Balm 130 Tease Seductrice

Remember I have said that I wanted Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain Cherish because I saw a post by ViVi on Snapeee apps in Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm 225 Sultry? I searched Watsons or Guardian drugstore for it, but all of the lipsticks are bold color. So after find Cherish on Sociolla website, I bought it fast because I'm afraid it would be hard to get elsewhere. I paid on the same day when I made purchase order, and surprisingly, the package also came in the same day. All in one day. I think it's because my home is near Sociolla's office, but yeah, they're very fast! See the pretty pink box from the online shop below, remember that I only bought two Revlon lip crayons, which were small, but I got this box:

First, I just wanted to buy Cherish. But I think I need comparison between three types of famous lip crayon by Revlon. I already have Matte Balm, so the last one is Lacquer Balm. And then between pink, red, or orange, I chose Tease Seductrice, which is in orange-y. I never had lipstick in orange, except the multipurpose cream from Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color OR201. I need one orange color too, that's what I was thinking that time. Of course I read reviews about Cherish and Tease, expected these two would be sheer.

I had surprised to receive the package from Sociolla because I ordered and paid and they sent it on the same day. The package was also fabulous and luxurious, even though I just purchased two tiny lip products.

 The packaging is like this. Sorry that I messed the plastic because my hands are rough.

They gave me bubble wrap and paper pieces, which proven how safe their packaging is. The color is also pink, which every women would like. Well, I like blue though, but it's still very cute and clean.

Closer to the two lip crayons. I don't know why Tease becomes red here. It's supposed to be red-orange.

 What the text tells us

The color of its bullet are the same with real color. And the silvery retractor is very reflective.

01. Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain 015 Cherish Devotion
When I saw Cherish on ViVi post, I thought the color would be sweet pink, with a little bit on purple side. When I swatched Revlon lip crayon at the counter, they're all very sheer except the Matte Balm series. Cherish tube is in the same color as its bullet, and its color payoff.

All of lip crayons of Revlon are all in minty fragrance and cooling sensation when applied. When I swipe Cherish for the first time, I thought it's a sheer pink too. But from time to time, it gets darker, similar to a liptint. And that's what called as balm stain, I guess. The pigmentation becomes bolder on itself. If my lips is dry, the color will sink into lip lines. But not too obvious. The color stays for a long time and hard to rub with water and tissue. It might transfer to glass, but not much.

 In some occasion, I would say it's like a neon color? Sometimes, though.

Overall, Cherish is a pretty pink color. It won't make lips dry, and stays for a long time. It's a bit hard to remove even if I used Maybelline makeup remover. But after washing face with Kracie facewash, it can be erased. I will sure to wear it on happy day. And maybe it will be one of my favorite lip product.

The light pink color is changed to a bit red because it's a stain.

02. Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm 130 Tease Seductrice
Tease is my purchase in order to complete my journey for Revlon lip crayon. There are three kinds of Colorburst which are: Matte Balm, Balm Stain, and Lacquer Balm. If Balm Stain and Matte Balm have long time wearing, I wonder about Lacquer type.

Same as Cherish and Sultry, Tease also have cooling sensation when I'm applying it on my lips. The color is sheer, more than Cherish, but can be build up to bold red-orange color. But I think if I applied sheer, the orange color comes out more than when I applied bold (it would be more red). If looking at my picture wearing orange, I think my complexion doesn't suit orange color, especially if it's bold. The orange color will become more red and makes me look older. But if I use it very sheer, a lighter orange color, it will become more pink, I think. Tease is easy to remove with tissue. The Lacquer Balm type won't leave a stain on my lips and maybe the sheer-est along the range. I will use Tease when I feel energetic and bright because the orange color will give fresh looking face.

The upper left picture, Tease turns out more red. But the other two picture proved that it's orange. Yeah, that's what I've always confused about. But of course in real life, the color is orange, similar to the bottom left smiling lips.

See? If I applied it sheer, it looks like pink color? I'm really confused about the color. It usually changes by lighting or application. But I still like it though. I can play easily with this color. But I found out that this kind of color will make me look older if applied bold. See my left picture, isn't it true?

I guess that's all I wanted to tell about Revlon Colorburst lip crayon range. If I find another light color lip crayon from Revlon again, I will try to buy it because I like sheer color nowadays. I watched many Japanese tutorials and they used cute, pink, sheer color with lipgloss on top. Yeah, Japanese girls always uses lipgloss on top of lipstick/liptint to give brighter and cute look. Although I find it annoying when I'm working, I like to use the same method when I'm going out with family. Overall, I like Revlon lip crayon because it's moisturizing, most of types will stand for a long time, great color payoff and buildabale from sheer to bold. But I wish the company would make another color, especially nude, because some of people like me would prefer natural lipstick. A good quality lip products and has interesting design. But if I have more budget, I'd like to try Shiseido Ettusais Creamy Lip Crayon in Spring Limited Edition, picture here:

I will be very happy to get Ettusais Creamy Lip Crayon PK3. But even the famous BB cream haven't come in Indonesia yet.

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