Sunday, May 24, 2015

Yoshinari Satoshi Makeup Channel

Err, it's not a woman, but a man! Yoshinari-san is really good at makeup, copying a male visual kei or even a female! I'm amazed he learnt makeup technique and did it on himself. It's very different than a makeup artist. Yoshinari-san is a brave man, I must adore. I found his channel just today and I must write it here! Be sure to try watching his tutorial because he knows a basic makeup like girls usually does and he's so pretty (I can match him to a visual kei band member). The one below is when he copied Kuroki Meisa Brown Shade Eyes tutorial (He made the eyeshadow even more good in gradient color than me!):

It's a bit strange to see a man did it, but the result is awesome. He became prettier! Uh, although pretty man isn't my type anyway, I don't see it would hurt to cheer on them. Moreover, Japan is a free country which allows man to put on makeup, or even becoming a gay (What? I'm just like, too bad most of handsome man are gay. They could prefer me!). No, no, I don't mean Yoshinari is a gay. I don't even know him at all and don't care. Just try watching him on the go and maybe you can feel a bit shame as a woman can't do like his result, and that's me.

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