Friday, April 27, 2018

The Saem Healing Tea Garden #Green Tea Cleansing Water

For makeup remover, I'll stick with a cleansing / micellar water.
I don't need much product to put off waterproof mascara.
And I hate an oil based remover.
After a few times purchasing L'oreal Micellar Water,
I found another cleansing water from The Saem.

The purpose of this product is to remove makeup.
At first glance, it doesn't have any scent.
But after using it, it leaves a sheer smell of box paper.
Not intimidating though and I can bear.

For eyes, it doesn't hurt at all, similar to L'oreal.
But I think I need more liquid on my cotton with this.
I guess after this, I'll stick using L'oreal since it is easier to get.
Price worthy, The Saem is also good and similar to L'oreal.
Most cleansing water can't remove waterproof makeup easily.
It does the same here and I don't have complain.
But the aftereffect is moisturizing & refreshing enough so it's good.

That concludes my impression on The Saem Green Tea Cleansing Water.

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