Sunday, April 8, 2018

Innisfree My Palette

This is my chosen palette from Innisfree.
Even though they created a few designs for its case,
sadly I didn't like any of it and picked the normal case.
I think it gives the image of maturity for me.
In my case, I mostly chose red-purple-gold for festivities and luxurious.

I picked normal palette because it's very simple & classy.
The palette has a big mirror and two dual-edge brushes.
The part to put each pan has magnet inside of it.

The medium palette suits my preferrence.
If it's too big, I will have trouble putting it on one hand
while using the pan.

I chose them in separate times.
While purchasing the palette, I only bought
no.16 glitter, 05 shimmer, and 05 cream blush.
The rest of it (29, 26, countour) are new to complete my collection.
I didn't put much thoughts of choosing them, for real.
In fact, I had no idea of using the colors while picking them.
I'm not a beauty guru so I chose random color, either way. 😙
Since this range has many colors, from green to blue and black.
But they didn't suit my taste at all.

I bought the cream blush and eyeshadow no.05 & 16 first
two months before completing the palette.
So there is a mark of swatching 😞

And here is my palette!
Four eyeshadows with a cream blush and contouring powder.

Color swatches.
Surprisingly, I like the texture of shimmer color better.
The matte is similar to my Single Shadow I previously bought.
And the glitter can create fallout, but still find it easily swiped.
The cream blush has this powdery scent, a bit stronger.
Even though the eyeshadow no.26 looks bold, it doesn't though.
Perfect for the outer crease area and still looks natural!

Firstly, this picture depicted eyeshadow no.05 & 16
with cream blusher.

And this, using all colors of eyeshadow
and countouring on the side of my nose.
I used no.29 pink matte on the entire crease, no.05 gold shimmer on eyelid,
and no.16 red glitter on under eye.
The no.26 purple shimmer was used on the outer & inner eyelid.
The contour powder doesn't look obvious.

Even though I used all colors, it didn't become too much.
I thought it would be suitable only for party look,
because I chose no.16 glitter too.
But when I put it only on the teary eyes,
it is good for natural & sweet look too.

Gold or pink?

The cream blush is giving me sweeter makeup look!
On the right picture, I used the cream blush on top of
Innisfree Petal Blusher #02 for more vibrant color.
And the right picture is the only one where I used
contouring powder on my nose.
The color is soft and sheer so I only used it on nose.
And because the pan is very small, I'm a bit uncomfortable
to swipe with large brush to put it on the face.

I really love the texture and comfortable with all version of eyeshadows,
except the glittery one.
It can create fallout upon applying,
but thankfully doesn't get erased throughout the day.
The contour powder is similar to Canmake,
with finely-milled powder.
My Palette is a decent range with good quality product,
if only I can find help to pick the right color on me.
Sadly, I just picked them myself and since I'm not
a makeup artist, it is hard for me to pick cool color variation.

+ Have many colors, like picturing myself purchasing crayon for school. It is fun.
+ Affordable price with good quality product.
+ The shimmer is my favorite texture because it can be swiped easily and doesn't have fallout.
+ The palette has mirror and two brushes with magnet to put the pan.
+ All powders are finely milled so they are easily swatches and doesn't leave dry patch.
+ Have three sizes palette, but the most comfortable for me is the middle size.
+ Eyeshadow doesn't crease! They are long-lasting.
+ Even though the glitter range can create fallout when swatching, but during the entire time, it won't change.
- Doesn't have private beauty advisor to pick the right color / to give comment.
- Can be pricey for purchasing all colors, and mostly if you want it all ^ ^ Mine is already enough. I like them.
- It might be good to add foundation too, coz there is color correcting, for travel-friendly palette. Just my thought... But it'll be hard to use finger on it.

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