Sunday, April 22, 2018

Kao Sofina ALBLANC Cleansing Oil & Washing Liquid 花王 ソフィーナ アルブラン クレンジングオイル & ウォッシングリキッド

I got the sample of Sofina ALBLANC Cleansing Oil & Washing Liquid
through purchasing AUBE Couture & Primavista in Hong Kong last year.
Though it only contains 30ml liquid inside, I think it's a large sample.

The sample is in the middle, contains two bottles.

ALBLANC is a high class skincare and base makeup brand, famous from Kao.
One Cleansing Oil & Washing Liquid is in the price of 2,800Y!

ALBLANC concept is soaring red, and the engage ring
between its product to women to keep their beautiful skin.

01. Cleansing Oil

A makeup remover that arranges the skin
as beautiful as it is.
Contains about 38% essence ingredients.
While protecting the skin moisture, it will quickly remove makeup.
Suggestion : gives water on hands and pump 3 times
and swipe carefully on makeup.
The pump is for the actual 200ml bottle, not the sample.

The Cleansing Oil is very sticky, as its name.
It hurts my eyes when I remove waterproof mascara with it.
But the effect is very good.
It can remove waterproof mascara easily without hard plucking.
Though I must wash my face immediately because I don't like
removing my base makeup with an oil based cleanser.

02. Washing Liquid

 It is a facial cleanser like a creamy lotion
that adjusted to the beautiful bare skin originally.
About 50% combined luxuriously with essence ingredient.
While protecting the skin's moisture, it only wash sebum and dirt.
Suggestion : Take 2 pumps, lightly whisk with a small amount of water
or lukewarm water, wash.

The Washing Liquid gives supple and moist effect after washing.
Though the after effect didn't stay for long, it felt really good & refreshingly moist.
 I think it can also remove makeup.
The liquid itself is transparent and easily cleansed with water.

My thoughts is, they are greatly made cleanser.
While the Cleansing Oil is too gross for me and hurts eyes,
the removal process is quick and doesn't take effort.
The Washing Liquid makes my skin moist after cleansing
and is easily removed.
But I don't think I will purchase more of them.
It is hard to buy here and the actual price makes me think twice.
I still prefer water type makeup remover rather than an oil-based.
And I like cleansing foam rather than liquid.

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