Thursday, April 5, 2018

Revlon Matte Balm #255 Enchanting

A few years ago, I've purchased the Matte Balm in #225 Sultry.
The Enchanting is like its lighter color, nudy.
As a matte series, it doesn't add shimmer in it.

I was actually afraid if a nude color would suit me
or make me pale.
But I bought it in mind that it might look pink-ish.

And my thought is right!
It makes me look pale in some occassion.
I need a bold eye makeup to show it well on my skin.
Though everyone said it is good for my friend,
who has darker skin than mine.

I found the texture is creamier than Sultry,
which looks bad on dry lips.
It shows patchy lips if being seen closely.
But on picture, I think that's not a matter.

Swatch on hand.
It seems pink nude.

But on lips, it is very pale!

Same as Revlon's lip crayon,
this one also has mint taste.
And surprisingly, I found it refreshing.
I didn't like minty taste, for example wasabi.
But using Revlon lip crayon is bearable.

I had serious breakout again thanks to Innisfree Green Tea range!
I didn't have luck upon using Innisfree skincare, except the Volcanic Clay series.

On my note, please use it thinly
to prevent the obvious dry patches.
And overall, I prefer the other color than light.
Staying power is bad, unlike Sultry.
And I don't feel it as moisturizing as Sultry
although I've wear it bold.

+ Nude color for the time you wear bold eyemakeup.
+ Tastes like wearing a mint candy on lips.
+ Looks good on middle tone, ex: NC/NW30.
+ Creamy matte glides smoothly.
- Show dry patches.
- Will look pale on lighter skintone.
- Short staying power.
- Needs extra effort to moisturize lips first before wearing.
I personally have no hate for Enchanting, but I won't re-purchase.

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