Friday, April 13, 2018

Innisfree Jeju Color Picker Flower Cotton Ink #02

Jeju Color Picker range is actually from summer 2017.
But it only came to Indonesia this spring.
Actually, I didn't look for a matte & bold color lipstick anymore.
Because they tend to dry my lips.
But I had hope for Flower Cotton Ink.
The range only comes in 5 colors.


A lip tint inspired by the floral shades of red and pink which add a natural pop of colour to your lips.

It has a light, airy, cotton-like texture which moisturises your lips once applied, leaving a smooth, matte finish.

The formula contains colour powder which adheres well to the surface of your lips, ensuring that the colour is long-lasting.


Apply an adequate amount on lips with the tip. You will first feel a moist cooling sensation, followed by a smooth & powdery finish.

I bought no.2, which supposed to be coral pink.

Maybe the picture used a lip concealer?

But as the tube looks like, it is a hot purple-ish pink.

To be truth, I didn't feel moist cooling sensation at all.
It has a powdery scent, very strong.
But the texture will sip into lips, similar to
Bourjouis Rouge Edition Soufle de Velvet or Peripera Ink Airy Velvet.

The texture will sink to lips and makes a velvet finish without glossy.
With this applicator brush, I find it hard to create a full lips color.
It will be messy, trust me.
I recommend using a gradation lips by putting the color in inner lips.

Well, I don't think the ads color is true.
It is not sheer at all!
It seems coral, but will turn to red-ish pink for bold application.

Sheer and gradation look

Bold and gradation look.
I suggest to use it maximum to this color.
Or it will look too bold for me.

These three pictures depicted the range of color it can create.
From left is very sheer and gradation,
middle is bold and gradation,
the most right picture is full color lips.

I colored my hair again with the remaining Blaune...
It looked very black 'coz I didn't use the after color treatment
but turned brown-ish in the end after using it the next day.
Used foundation as concealer before applying Flower Cotton Ink.

And the right picture, I have changed my haircolor again.
No worries, it's only the effect.
It has changed to a better black now.

Taken with Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie.

For moisturizing effect, I don't feel it at all.
That's why I hate most matte & pigmented lip stain / mousse.
It settled to lips, creating a full pretty lip color.
But it is not as moisturizing as glossy lipstick.
I'll stick to Canmake Stay-on Balm Rouge for my favorite lip product.
Anyway, I won't buy Flower Cotton Ink anymore.
Part of it is because I don't prefer bold lip color.
And 90% because of the not moisturizing finish.

+ A pretty color, especially for gradation.
+ Doesn't emphasize dry lips if not look closely.
+ Minimum transferring.
+ Will settle to lips quickly so it gives light finish.
+ Easy to create gradation by putting the brush on inner lips.
- Strong powdery fragrance.
- Doesn't moisturize my lips.

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