Sunday, April 1, 2018

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor #Flirtation

My favorite from Revlon is their crayon lipcolor.
The formula suits my dry lips,
it takes care of dehydration.
In curiosity, I tried the Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor
after watching Nami Channel used it in #Flirtation.

The Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor is a lightweight,
high definition velvety matte color.
Moisturizing, velvety-feel.
100% wax free, gel formula.
Comes in creamy matte and metallic matte version.

Below is how Nami used the lipcolor:

I didn't pick matte lipcolor too much because they're too bold.
But Nami's video chose a sheer and suitable for everyday use.
It gave me the urge to pick the same color,
and not the metallic version.
I don't like the metallic finish, the glitter will be everywhere.

The silver cap can be opened like a magnet.
And the mousse-like cream texture is a bit similar
to Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse.
The scent is also similar, since Revlon has candy sweet scent too.
Doesn't leave stain, it can transfer anywhere.

On hand

On lips
But my thought about a matte lipcolor becomes true.
It settled on my dry lips part,
and it didn't moisturize my lips like the lipcrayon would.
I'm very disappointed at this range.
The formula doesn't suit my dry lips!
I'd prefer using it on top of a lipbalm first.
I don't think I will buy anymore color
because the formula is not satisfying.

+ Sweet scent without taste.
+ Bold & pigmented color.
+ Creamy texture that is easily spread.
+ Has many colors to choose.
+ Not too pricey.
+ The cap is fun. Looks like it have a magnet inside, but it doesn't make sound.
- Settles on dry lips.
- Doesn't moisturize my dry lips.
- Transfer easily.

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