Thursday, May 3, 2018

Innisfree Skinny Microcara #02 Brown

A 2.5mm-diameter micro brush inspired by
an interdental brush motif coats even the shortest lashes
as well as both the upper and lower lashes leave you
with your beautiful, natural eye.
A mascara that perfectly curls up every hidden lash from roots to top.

I previously owned the Skinny Waterproof Microcara.
Even though I love thin brush so much,
it is a bit hard to remove the Waterproof version.
That's why I don't wear it everyday.
It is different with this version.
The Skinny Microcara is removable and  holds the curl for long time too.

I picked the brown color because I have the Waterproof in black.
Another reason is, I prefer brown for natural mascara.
How to use:
1. Apply the mascara as if pressing from the roots of eyelashes,
moving in a zigzag pattern.
2. Erect the brush to completely reach even the shortest lashes
as well as the upper and lower lashes.
3. Apply to the under lashes to create a clear eyelash look.

The brush is very thin!
It can curl up to the very short lashes.
And this mascara is very good at lengthening too.

Look, it curls my lashes a lot!
I had a hard time putting it on my left lashes,
but it did a good job on my right lashes.
The reason I didn't put good job at mascara on the left side
is because I always put it with my left hand.
I could use both hand casually, but it was hard to put a mascara...

Do you like my black hair?
Or do you prefer my lighter color hair before?

Seriously in love with this mascara.
I might change my favorite Canmake GOKUBUTO for this,
but Canmake is more to volume.
So I have two favorite mascaras now.
Of course it is easily removable with cleansing water.
Without much effort, I can clean them perfectly.
I should've bought this version rather than a waterproof one.
Because I didn't use mascara under water often, apart for having dry skin.

I love how it lenghtening my lashes without much effort.
Only 1-2 swipe to achieve this look.
And I didn't have much problem of putting the mascara behind my eyelid too.
It helps volumizing each lash a lot by doing so.
It is weird, but my favorite mascaras are from non-waterproof range.
I don't like doing much for removing a mascara.

+ Thin brush can touch any side of lashes.
+ The brown looks very natural as if I don't put effort of putting a mascara.
+ Easily removed by cleansing water.
+ Doesn't clump too much.
+ Lenghtening lashes without too much swipe.
+ Curl my lash and stay for a long time even though it is not waterproof.
+ I can use it easily to swipe behind my eyelid for perfectly swiping on any area.
+ Of course cheaper than most Japanese brand mascara.
- Didn't add much volume (but it is a curling mascara!).

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