Sunday, February 11, 2018

Shiseido Majolica Majorca Melty Gem #73 Tint 資生堂 マジョリカマジョルカ メルティージェム #73 暗号

I added a new brand from Shiseido, Majolica Majorca, to my purchase list.
This is a cute lip & cheek gel, similar to Canmake.
There are 4 colors available, only no.73 is tint type.
The last product review I bought in Hong Kong last year.

Majolica Majorca is a cute makeup range from Shiseido.
Unlike Integrate which is cool, the Majo-majo line is fluffy, suitable for teens.
All colors:

I don't know why Majo-majo named them.
Maybe, after a magical book?
RD410 Doui
PK410 Yokoku
PK210 Hitorigoto
73 Angou.

When it is used by the model, no.73 is like this:

Close up:

This is a jelly face color that will give blood to facial expression.
A beautiful coloring jelly that colorizes the 3 points of the face
and boasts a cute impression by a single light.
RD410, PK410, and PK210 is a cheek, lips, and eyebrow color.
The Tint type no.73, which color changes, is used to cheeks, lips, and nose.
It will produce a sense of complexion and luster.
The fresh gel changes to a fluffy powder,
so vivid color continues without stickiness.
Contains beauty ingredient formula : evening primrose oil.

A cute impression stands out by bringing a sense
of flush to three convex parts of the face!

The minimalist design makes it a good multi purpose gel.
The clear purple was very tempting for me since I met it at SaSa.
But I bought it at the next store because day 1 was hectic.

There is no scent for this product, similar to Canmake.
I think the texture is very similar to Canmake Cream Cheek.
Even though it is purple on pan, it will turn to pink.

The pink is slightly blue / purple-ish.
This is what it looks like on my skin.

As suggested, I put the gel on my cheeks, lips, and nose.
Plus, using it as eyeshadow!
For eyeshadow, the consistency is low.
It will become oily quickly and creates an obvious crease.
It doesn't stay long on lips too, so I prefer using this as blusher.

I think this Melty Gem is similar to Canmake Cream Cheek.
So I don't need much product like this.
But since the design is cute, I don't mind.
Despite the name is tint, it doesn't have long staying power.
For easier way, I'll just stick using Canmake
because Majolica Majorca is not being sold here.

And this one, I used it on cheeks, lips, undereyes.
It is a way of being cute with teary eyes...?

+ A multi purpose color makeup.
+ Texture is easy to spread.
+ Turns to natural pink on skin.
+ Packaging is light.
+ Doesn't emphasize dry cheeks / lips.
+ Feels very light on skin.
- Doesn't stay long despite it is a tint.
- Can be replaced with other product like Canmake Cream Cheek.

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