Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Doramas I'm Watching (Autumn 2017-Winter 2018)

It's been so long since I write about dorama.
Actually, I'm watching every seasons' dorama.
From Rikuou to Keiji Yugami on fall 2017.
But I'll write about the ongoing dorama,
or the one without completed subs.
My favorite this time is Unnatural,
despite I'm also watching Seirei no Moribito final season.

01. Unnatural

As I've wrote above, this dorama is my favorite this season.
It's rare for a dorama to have something like a doujin-song
for opening music, reminds me of my fav artist Shikata Akiko.
If you don't believe, please check the 2mins+ preview video below:

If you want to read about the story, please refer to Asianwiki.
I don't know why, but I'm always enjoying Ishihara Satomi's
dorama ever since Shitsuren Chocolatier.
I began to watch her previous work such as Dear Sister too.
And my favorite of her is Jimi ni Sugoi up til now.

In Unnatural, she is a pathologist.
This dorama often shows disgusting scars, wounds, burns skin.
So for people who dislike those, I suggested not to watch it.
But for the mystery around it, I really love Unnatural.
Made from the staff of Reverse and Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu,
this dorama filled my mystery needs.

Actually, I don't like Ishihara's hairstyle in this one.
But I kept it close since she's acting as a real career woman.
I'm shipping her with Kubota Masataka here,
because they look like a cute couple.

OMG, that's so cliched of a story from the minimum talking-man, Iura Arata!
I don't like his image, his hairstyle, and even his story!
But I approved of his acting.

I really enjoy watching this series.
And the subs are fast too!
It only takes no more than a week to be uploaded
and as of now, there are 4 episodes out.
I'm waiting for the truth to be revealed,
especially since Kubota Masataka's character looks more fun
than Iura Arata.

02. Seirei no Moribito 3 Saishuushou (Final Chapter)

This chapter revealed Balsa & Jiguro's past,
the remaining story of Chagum, and its conclusion.
I had been waiting so much for the final chapter.
But turns out, I like the second season better.
Same as my long favorite His Dark Materials series,
I like second season more.
It's because the storyline for third season is very slow,
revealing Balsa's past, which is a bit boring for me.

The dorama had finished in 9 episodes.
But since the subs is only at ep 3 now, I let it in this review.
Looking forward to see Raul & Chagum's battle now.

 I don't know what to write anymore.
But this is the first time I've ever thought NHK's dorama is intriguing.
But seasons 3 has too much repeating scenes,
especially at Balsa & Jiguro's past, or Jiguro's fight with his brother.
 I really recommend the second season!
But as a whole trilogy dorama, you must watch all.

03. Todome no Seppun (Seppun can be read as kiss)

The prince of shoujo manga (girl's comic), Yamazaki Kento,
is now an actor of adult theme's dorama.
Todome no Seppun or Todome no Kiss is actually
a time travel genre dorama.
After receiving a kiss from Kadowaki Mugi,
Kento can return to the past, one week before.
But he must be killed first, and actually, it hurts for real.

I must say, his acting improved, 
especially after being in Rikuou with so many veteran actors.
I disliked his acting a lot before,
because he was lacking expressions.

I don't have hate or love feelings with Kadowaki Mugi.
But I prefer a lot more actress who can act funny.
She reminds me of the past Kento now.

And Arata Mackenyu is love!
I didn't watch his film before here and Funouhan.
But I like him in this dorama.

All in all, this season is full of serious dorama.
Todome no Kiss has a few minutes comedy,
but not a lot.
Beware that this dorama has many kissing scenes.
And some might find unwanted to watch Kento kissing middle-age ladies.
Even though I wanted to go far from Japanese medical dorama,
but I found out Unnatural is quite good.
An autopsy scene is not my everyday drama,
so it is being fresh rather than a usual doctor's job.
And Seirei no Moribito is a bit disappointing.
I had much expectations to watch a cool drama before.
But it was all ruined by the boring past scene repetition.

I will wait to watch Funouhan movie.
I had watched its 4 eps TV special,
and it were all so plain.
Almost all episodes explicits women and sex without good story and mystery.
Especially ep 1, is so disgusting.
I hope the movie will be better since it will reveal more
about Sawajiri Erika and Arata Mackenyu.

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